Eva Marie: How much do you travel and speak now?

Bruce: Well, as much as I want to. And, I've cut back some. I just got tired of schlepping through the airports and hotels and flying on airplanes and...but you know, then you speak and you see their faces and you know why you do it.

Eva Marie: When did you form Marchiano Ministries?

Bruce: I think we went non-profit about three or four years ago.

Eva Marie: What led you to know that it was time to do so?

Bruce: It was funny. People started sending me money! (Chuckles) I thought: Now that's a funny idea. And then people were saying they wanted to help with what we were doing in Africa and that was cool. Now people are giving and pouring money into the souls of Africa.

Eva Marie: Okay, on an unrelated/related note...do people ever mistake you for Jesus?

Bruce: Never...especially the people who know me. (Laughs) You know, sometimes I see an expectation in people's eyes. And they should have an expectation.

Eva Marie: That's true.

Bruce: Anybody who says, "I'm a child of God," should be held up to a certain standard. You know, I played the role of Jesus on film, but it's my job to play the role of Jesus every single day of my life. That's my job. I just hope I do it well. If I have to "nutshell" my ministry, it's "the heart of Jesus."

Eva Marie: What do you think your message is?

Bruce: I hope I don't have a message. I hope that what I do is reveal Jesus. The day I start beating my drum is a sad day. I hope that people walk away from a meeting and say, "Wow...it's like Jesus was here."

Eva Marie: What can people do to help Marchiano Ministries?

Bruce: (laughs) Give money! You knew I was going to say that...

Eva Marie: But, it does take money to make a ministry work. Even Jesus had to have money...

Bruce: You know, I'll tell you...this may be an unpopular thing to say...but we just supported The Passion to the tune of a half a billion dollars in two months. So, we've got money to go to the movies. If we've got that, then we've got $50 to send to a missionary. I'm not trying to lessen the impact of The Passion, but all of us could change the world overnight. If God has given America any responsibility, He's given us the financial...you know, African's have a saying: God has given you the money and us the legs. God has put the two together and there's no stopping us.

Jesus did one thing His whole life: He gave His life away. So, whatever God has given you...give it back...and we'll change the world. We will.

For more information about Marchiano Ministries, go to: http://www.brucemarchiano.com/