And when would that be? When we call upon His name.

When Peter and Jesus got back in the boat, the Scriptures say the wind immediately died down and the men declared, "Surely you are the Son of God."

Ya think? What gave it away? The feeding of the five thousand? The walking on water? The calming of the storm? Or the love of the Creator to His creation when death seemed but a breath away?
Questions for Personal or Group Study

1. Think back to a "mountaintop experience" you've had with the Lord. Write or talk about it.
2. Think about it: Jesus ordered His disciples into a boat and onto a lake knowing a storm would come. But, He also knew He'd be right there...and would never have His eyes off them for a second. Can you think of a time when Jesus sent you "into a storm?" Were you initially aware of His watching over you?
3. Have you ever had a "walk on water or stay in the boat" experience? Talk or write about what happened.
4. There is absolute comfort and security in the arms of the Lord. Talk or write about a time when He rescued you from the disasters around you.
5. What did it take for you to say, "Surely you are the Son of God?"

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