The following article is drawn from Chip's new book, Love, Sex, and Lasting Relationships.

Few subjects in life ignite as much passion and longing within us as our desire for love, our interest in sex, and our hope for enduring relationships. But whether single, married, or single again, many people admit they are not experiencing the relational intimacy they desire.

I believe the problem causing our disappointment lies not in our inability to love, but in the rules we have unconsciously accepted from Hollywood, the media, and our culture that tell us how we should try to find love.

If you take away the lighting, warm scenes, slow-motion moments, and background music, Hollywood tells us there are four basic steps leading to deep, sizzling relationships. I call this the “Hollywood Formula.”

The Hollywood Formula

Step 1: Find the Right Person

In the Hollywood Formula, finding the right person just happens. It's wild, accidental, and you're helpless in the process. You glance across a crowded room, your eyes meet, and suddenly you've found the “right one.” Love is mystical and magical. It happens when you least expect it. So, if you don't have it, just keep looking.

Step 2: Fall in Love

According to Hollywood, you can fall in love with strangers because you base love on chemistry rather than knowledge or character. You know you're in love when you have that “ooey-gooey” feeling and you lose all common sense-but you're in love, so what does it matter?

Step 3: Fix Your Hopes and Dreams on This Person for Your Fulfillment

Once you fall in love with the right person, nothing else matters. You can't be held to any previous commitment because you have suddenly realized that this person alone will make you complete. Hollywood teaches you to believe that finding the right person will solve all of your problems and meet your deepest longings 100 percent of the time.

Step 4: If Failure Occurs, Repeat Steps 1, 2, and 3

If the intense feelings you experience in the first three steps start to subside, you must not have found the right person after all. Or perhaps it was the right person then, but not now. So Hollywood provides a quick, supposedly painless solution: Find a differentt right person, fall in love again, and fix your hopes and dreams on this new “right” person.

The Hollywood Formula Doesn't Work

I know this sounds harsh and oversimplified, but the fact remains: Books, movies, songs, and television programs are consistently telling you the way to love, sex, and lasting relationships is found through the four steps I've outlined.

P> But the Hollywood Formula isn't working. Divorce is epidemic in our society. Families are breaking apart, and it's causing immeasurable pain and damage, especially to children. And if we keep doing the same thing in relationship after relationship, it will keep producing the same tragic results.

God's Plan for Enhancing Your Love Life

But God has a better way. It's found throughout the Bible but is summarized well in Ephesians 5:2, which tells us to “live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us.” In God's plan, you begin with what Christ has done for you.

Step 1: Become the Right Person

Instead of constantly looking for the right person, God tells you to become the right person. That starts with developing a relationship with Him through Christ. Once you grasp God's boundless love for you, feel secure and complete in your relationship with Him, and learn to rely on the power of His Spirit living in you, you will be able to show genuine love to others. You will start imitating Him as closely as possible in how you treat others. You will learn to “walk in love.”

Step 2: Walk in Love

In God's plan, walking in love means more than long, hand-in-hand strolls on the beach. It means loving each other in the same way Christ loved you. Walking in love is about sacrificial commitment. It means giving the other person what he or she needs the most when it is least deserved, because that's exactly how God treated you. Love is other-centered action that provides what's best for the other person.