We all make mistakes. In fact, no one is immune. But at times it can feel like we are trapped. The solutions for our problems can sometimes seem worse than the problems themselves


And though those mistakes can lead to circumstances and troubles that seem very grim, I want to bring you a word of encouragement today.  In the midst of your trouble, God understands...and He can turn your mistakes into miracles.


Perhaps you have done the wrong thing...you've made some wrong choices...you've done what you knew you shouldn't do...and now you're suffering the consequences of those mistakes. 


Regardless of any mistake you have made...or tragedy that has come into your life...if you will turn to God, He is prepared to take your mistake, your awful circumstance, and turn it into a miracle. 


A great example of how God can work in a miraculous way is recorded in the Old Testament. It is the story of Joseph (see Genesis 37-47).


Joseph's brothers hated him and threw him into a pit. Then they sold him as a slave, and he was taken to a foreign country. People lied about him, and as a result, he was thrown into prison.


Many bad things happened to Joseph. But God took care of him through it all.  And in the end he became the prime minister over all of Egypt. The Lord took all the tragedy in Joseph's life and turned it into a fantastic miracle that not only blessed Joseph but ended up saving the lives of his family and countless others in the land of Egypt and throughout the known world.


God has not changed. He can do the same thing for you. Regardless of the circumstance you're in, with God on your side, you can't lose.


The apostle Paul speaks about this in a marvelous New Testament verse. This verse speaks of God's ability to turn situations around.  Romans 8:28:


And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.