One of my favorite movies is Steel Magnolias. In it, Clairee Belcher (played by Olympia Dukakis), declares, "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."


I agree!


Recently, as I stood over the costume jewelry sales table (Take an additional 40 percent off), my very good friend, Kristy (with whom I share a passion for rings-n-things), gave me her best pout and said, "It's all your fault I love costume jewelry so much. I never thought about it much until you came into my life...and now look at me! I'm hooked!"


Yeah...well. Throw a silver chain belt on a pair of plain slacks and you've got pizzazz. Add a broach to a jacket and make it sharp. Add a drop-pearl earrings and necklace set to that "little black dress" and you've got stunning.

Accessorize, sweetie...and set yourself apart.


The Body Beautiful/Physical


I have determined that men and women see "body accessories" differently. We women think in terms of jewelry, hats and purses. Men think in terms of the bodies of their automobiles. Or tools from a hardware store. So, let's just stick with the girls. After all, girls simply have more fun!


What I said earlier is just pure truth: a little something can take a nothing and make it into fabulous.


About 12 years ago my husband and I had a dear friend named Marilyn. Marilyn was a new believer, single, spent many of her nights alone. We often invited her over for a meal and some fellowship. I distinctly remember one evening; it was a cold January afternoon. The outdoors was literally gray. I'd cooked up a huge vat of homemade vegetable soup and then, on a whim, called Marilyn.


"I'm not really dressed," she said. "Just my blue sweats."


"That's not a problem," I told her. "It's just us anyway."


Marilyn said she'd be right over. About 20 minutes later (five minutes more than it would have taken her to drive from her place to ours), she stepped through the back door and...ohmygoodness!


Marilyn wore royal blue sweats all right, but they were accessorized by a blue print scarf tied around the crown of her head, large royal blue/navy blue earrings, and a few bangles in multiple shades of blue. Her large blue eyes were shadowed and lined almost professionally in various shades of blue as well.


She was stunning.


So, what does it mean to accessorize?