Model Jesus' compassion. Show hurting people how much Jesus loves them by following His example and helping them. Pray for God to show you specific people He wants you to help in specific ways. Then take action to serve them in Jesus' name. Help people like family members, friends, and neighbors through one-on-one acts of kindness as God leads you, and do volunteer work through charities, ministries and other groups to bring relief to groups of poor and oppressed people both in your community and around the world. Be generous with financial donations to your church and other organizations that help hurting people. Invite God to use your life as a channel through which He can pour out His love to people in need. Be alert to opportunities to serve, and follow the Holy Spirit's promptings to give your resources (time, energy, or money) to the opportunities God wants you to pursue.

Take political action. Whenever there's an election at any level in your area, be sure to vote, knowing that your voice will make a real difference in the future of your nation, state, and local community. Get to know where the various candidates stand on issues, and support the ones who are true to biblical principles. Organize voter registration campaigns. Attend events like party caucuses or precinct meetings. Volunteer your time and energy to champion various causes and work on political campaigns. Contact your elected representatives to express your views on issues you care about. Be prepared to make a strong and clear case for your position on the issues, but make that case with respect, grace, and compassion. Support organizations that are fighting for religious freedom and Christians' rights in the courts. Support legislation and constitutional amendments (state and federal) that protect the traditional definition of marriage and the integrity of the family. Overcome racial, economic, and other differences to stand in unity with other believers on issues you all champion so you can exert tremendous political influence.

Let awe for God's creation lead you to engage the world of science. Understand that the common notion that faith and science must be at odds is just plain wrong. Realize that science is actually a natural extension of the Christian faith, because it helps us to appreciate God's intelligent design and how His creation functions according to immutable principles. Learn about the latest scientific discoveries, and think and pray about the many ethical issues our culture is now facing in fields such as biological technology. Take stands for or against certain practices, such as opposing funding for forms of medical research that require the destruction of human embryos. Support school board candidates who understand the value of informing students about intelligent design rather than just evolution.

Embrace the arts. Recognize that the arts have great value, despite the many artists in the entertainment and media worlds who present messages that are disrespectful or hostile to the Christian faith. Instead of avoiding the arts, embrace movies, music, literature and other forms of art that are inspiring. Support edifying art and artists. Learn to recognize bias in the media and think critically about messages communicated through what you watch, hear, and read. Consider contributing to the arts yourself, acting as salt and light to express God's truths to people in fresh and creative ways.

Pursue revival. Ask God to give you the courage and wisdom to take a moral inventory of your life and recognize wrong attitudes and behaviors. Then repent of them and rely on God's strength to help you grow so you can live with integrity before a watching world. Become outwardly focused rather than inwardly focused so you'll be less prone to self-absorption and more likely to put your faith into action. Pray for revival in America, interceding for government and cultural leaders (like the President, movie stars, and sports figures) who are currently in influential positions.