Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Tony Evans’ new book The Power of God’s Names (Harvest House Publishers, 2014).

Throughout the Bible, God reveals himself to humanity through his names. Each of God’s many names describes a different aspect of his multifaceted character, and getting to know those parts of who God is will usher God’s awesome power into your life to meet specific needs. God has a name that speaks of his power to help you in any situation you’ll ever face.

Here’s how you can discover God’s power through his names:

Honor the holiness of God’s name. In the Lord’s Prayer – the example Jesus Christ gave of how people should pray – the phrase “hallowed be your name” shows the importance of treating God with respect and reverence when speaking of him. God has a pure and holy nature, so his name should be honored as such. It’s important not to take God’s name in vain, speaking it in disrespectful ways (such as by cursing) or invoking it in ways that strip it of its real meaning (such as by using it in conversation just for dramatic emphasis). Before you say the name “God,” stop and think about whether or not the way you’re planning to speak his name is truly appropriate and pleasing to him.

Discover “Elohim”: the strong creator God. This name describes how God transcends his creation by existing beyond time, space, and matter, and yet chooses to relate to everything and everyone that he has made. God, who alone is able to create something out of nothing, lives apart from his creation but cares deeply for it and interacts personally with it. So if you’re searching for a solution to a challenging problem you’re facing, keep in mind that God is able to create anything you need to solve it if you invite him to intervene.

Discover “Jehovah”: the relational God. God wants to enjoy a relationship with you, and for you to enjoy one with him. Get to know God better by making your relationship with Him your top priority. Clear away distractions so you can devote your time and energy regularly to spending time with God, through spiritual disciplines such as prayer.

Discover “Adonai”: the God who rules. In his role as ruler of your life, God will lead and empower you if you surrender fully to him. If you give God full ownership over your time, thoughts, talents, and treasures, he will work through your life so that you can accomplish more than you ever could on your own. Lay down your insecurities, doubts, and hesitations before God, invite him to guide you in every part of your life, obey his guidance, and then watch him empower you to reach your fullest potential.

Discover “Jehovah Jireh”: the Lord our provider. God loves to give you gifts, but he wants you to love him for who he is, not just for what he can do for you. If you pursue God himself simply to know him more, he will provide for all of your needs in the process, simply as a byproduct of your loving relationship with him. You can’t receive everything that God wants to give you if you’re holding onto something that is preventing you from trusting God fully, however. Be willing to let go of whatever you sense God calling you to let go of and trust that God has your best interests at heart. When you obey God completely, you’ll experience his provision fully.

Discover “Jehovah Tsaba”: the Lord our warrior. God will empower you to fight and win every single battle in this fallen world when you trust him. Pray for spiritual strength often, asking the Holy Spirit to work through you to be victorious in the battles you face. Courageous use the authority you have as a Christian to fight and win the war between good and evil in any situation.