Eliminate idols from your life. Ask God to make you aware of any idols in your life (anything or anyone who is drawing your attention away from God and toward the world’s values). Then start putting those idols into their proper place in your life so you they won’t interfere with God being your top priority. Focus on worshipping God every day; the more you devote yourself to worshipping God, the more you’ll be drawn to Him, and the idols that had been distracting you will start to fall away from your life.

Find your role in God’s mission work and get to work fulfilling it. Only you can fulfill the unique purposes that God has for your life. Ask God to show you exactly what He wants you to do in his kingdom, and when and how you should do it – as much as He chooses to reveal to you now. Then move forward with that work, relying on the strength that God will give you day by day.

Show compassion on people whom others mistreat. Ask God to help you see the reflection of His image in the faces of every person you meet – especially people who are often mistreated in society, such as the disabled, the poor, and the elderly. Show the seekers watching you that all people have great value and are worthy of respect and kindness. When people act difficult with you, be graceful to them. Reach out to help people in need whenever God calls you to do so (without concern for whether or not you think they deserve it), since God has given you so much unconditional love and grace in your own life.

Work with your church to become part of a powerful instrument in God’s kingdom. Keep in mind that God doesn’t intend for any Christian to undertake mission work in His kingdom just as an individual; instead, God has designed churches to be the places for Christians to work together in God’s kingdom. You can be a much more powerful force for good when you’re working with other believers through the church than you can just on your own. So join others in your church to share the Gospel message, make new disciples, and bring glory to God together. Then your church will become an instrumental part of expanding God’s kingdom on Earth.

Adapted from Subversive Kingdom: Living as Agents of Gospel Transformation, copyright 2012 by Ed Stetzer. Published by B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, Tn., http://www.bhpublishinggroup.com/.

Ed Stetzer is vice president of research and ministry development at LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, Tennessee. He holds two masters and two doctoral degrees and has written dozens of articles and acclaimed books, including Planting Missional Churches, Breaking the Missional Code, Comeback Churches, and Lost and Found. Ed and his wife, Donna, have three daughters and live in Nashville, Tennessee.

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