Pursue purity in self. The key to pursuing purity in relationship to yourself is to make sure that every day you choose God’s will over your own. Make a habit of saying “yes” to God and “no” to any choices that would interfere with you fulfilling God’s purposes for your life. Ask God to give you humility and help you discern between wants and needs in your life. Don’t focus so much on what you want that your desires obscure what God wants for you. Focus on trusting God to meet your needs and view your wants simply as extra blessings when God chooses to fulfill your desires. Treat your body (which is a temple of the Holy Spirit) with respect and use it to honor God, by pursuing sexual purity and avoiding deliberately harming yourself physically in other ways, such as by abusing alcohol, cutting yourself, or bingeing and purging.

Pursue purity in mind. Every day, pray for the Holy Spirit to renew your mind, so you’ll be able to think about each situation you encounter from the right perspective, and you’ll be free of fears, worries, and cravings that would otherwise control your mind and harm your soul. Make a habit of replacing unhealthy or deceptive thoughts that enter your mind with thoughts that reflect biblical truth. Read, study, and meditate on the Bible’s words often so you’ll have a lot of biblical truth stored in your mind and ready to access whenever you need to replace unhealthy thoughts with healthy ones. Focus your mind on God often; whenever you do, you’ll experience real peace.

Pursue purity in faith. Rather than relying on your own efforts to be good in order to achieve a pure life (which will inevitably fail), base your purity on your faith in God and love for Him. The more you trust God to work in your life, the more pure you can become. Aim to develop a faith that: obeys God as a way of expressing love for Him, doesn’t run away from God during tough circumstances, confesses and repents of sin, surrenders to God’s will, hopes only in God rather than in anything the world offers (such as money, friends, fame, or success), and spends significant time daily in prayer, listening for what God has to say.

Adapted from True Purity: More than Just Saying “No” to You-Know-What, copyright 2013 by Hayley and Michael DiMarco. Published by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids, Mich., www.bakerbooks.com.

Hayley DiMarco is the founder of Hungry Planet, where she writes and creates cutting-edge books that connect with the multitasking mind-set. She has written or co-written numerous bestselling books for both teens and adults, including Dateable, Mean Girls, Sexy Girls, B4UD8, The Brave, God Girl, and the God Girl Bible. She and her husband Michael live with their daughter in Nashville, Tennessee.