Reach out to the world’s hunted people. Consider how God may be calling you to help people who are the victims of the world’s atrocities, such as warfare or genocide. Get information about how people worldwide are currently suffering in this way and ask God to show you how He may want you to help some of them, such as by supporting organizations that work with them.

Reach out to the world’s convicted people. Pray about how potential opportunities to help people whom society considers scandalous, such as prisoners.

Reach out to the world’s infected people. Ask God to show you ways you may help people who are afflicted with infectious diseases.

Reach out to the world’s marginalized people who are discriminated against. Consider what opportunities God may present for you to help people whom society considers unimportant and therefore lack power in society and become victims of bigotry. People may be discriminated against for many reasons, such as their physical appearance (people of minority races and disabled people), their gender (women), their age (senior citizens), or their economic status (poor people).

Reach out to the world’s enslaved people. Pray for the wisdom to discern how you may help people who are enslaved worldwide, such as child laborers and prostitutes in the sex trafficking industry.

Ask some key questions to discern the opportunities on which you should act. If you think that God may be urging you to take action in a specific way to help a specific group of people, ask these questions before stepping out: “Have other spirit-led people confirmed what I feel called to do?”, “Is it biblical? Can I find circumstances in the Bible of people doing what I feel called to do?”, “Is this endeavor expanding God’s kingdom, or mine?”, “Will it ultimately bring God glory?”, and “Are circumstances leading toward this actually happening?”

Go to where the people are rather than expecting them to come to you. Many of the people who are currently caught in dangerous sin won’t come to church, but they will listen to you if you build friendships with them in places they frequent, such as bars. Don’t be afraid to go to the places that are hangouts for the people God is leading you to reach. But cover yourself in prayer and take precautions to prevent falling into sin yourself when you’re in those environments.

Give people love instead of judgment. When you’re reaching out to people who are living dangerous lifestyles of sin, push away judgmental thoughts and let God’s love flow through you to them – that’s the only way you’ll be able to truly help them, since love is the force that will inspire people to turn to God.

Adapted from Dangerous: Engaging the People and Places No One Else Will, copyright 2013 by Caleb Bislow. Published by Bethany House Publishers, a division of Baker Publishing Group, Bloomington, Mn.,    

Caleb Bislow jumped off the “cliff” of safety and security in 2005, and since then has been humbled to advance God’s kingdom on every inhabited continent in the world. He is a sought-after speaker through Kingdom Building Ministries. Caleb and his wife, Jessica, and their three children, call Franklin, Nebraska their home. Learn more at

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Publication date: August 16, 2013