God has promised to be present when two or more people gather in His name.  And, since His Holy Spirit lives inside those who walk with Him, the power of your prayers increases exponentially when you pray with others.


Here are some ways you can unleash greater spiritual power by praying with other people:


Find a prayer partner.  Ask God to bring one or more regular prayer partners into your life for a season.  Consider friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, and any others that God might bring to mind.  Don’t be discouraged if someone turns you down; keep trying until you find the right person (or people).  Have the courage to be completely honest with your prayer partner about your own struggles so he or she will know how to pray for you.  Make sure you choose a partner (or partners) whom you consider trustworthy.  In addition to your regularly scheduled prayer times, take advantage of opportunities to pray with others on the spur of the moment as prayer concerns arise.


Join a prayer group.  Look for a prayer group that meets regularly and join so you can contribute and receive vital prayer support.  Your local church can probably recommend prayer groups that meet in members’ homes.  Or, you may want to start your own group.  If so, decide where you can host it, how many people you want to participate, how often you want to meet, how long the meeting will be, and who will be involved.  Make sure that everyone in your group agrees on the basic, foundational truths of the faith (such as who God is) and believes in God’s power and willingness to answer prayer. 

Ask each member to be clear and specific when expressing prayer requests so everyone can understand what they are.  Then determine how you want to pray so the group can be in unity.  Remember that you should always pray for requests to align with God’s will.  Make sure that your group’s ultimate desire is seeing God’s will fulfilled.  Have a plan for your meetings and try to stick with it, making sure that no one person dominates the conversation or makes the meetings run late.  Stress the importance of confidentiality, and don’t allow prayer requests to degenerate into gossip.


Pray with others in church.  Understand that worship is a form of prayer.  Make worshipping God a top priority when you’re in the presence of your church family.  Remember that you are a part of the greater body of Christ.  View yourself as a tool for God’s work within His family on earth, and a conduit through which His love can flow to others.  Realize that it’s impossible to grow to your fullest potential independently of other believers; you need them as much as they need you.  Don’t let denominational, racial, cultural, or economic differences divide you and other people with Christ’s body.  Instead, proactively reach out to them, so you can worship, pray, and serve together from time to time.  Meet to intercede for your community together, praying about specific concerns in your local area.