You know God wants you to evangelize, but just thinking about it makes you cringe. Sure, extroverts might have no problem going door-to-door or walking up to strangers in public to share the Gospel message. But you’re an introvert. Maybe you’ve felt guilty about not evangelizing enough, and tried to force yourself to do so, but come away from the effort frustrated and ashamed.


Yes, God does want you to evangelize. But He never intended the experience to be unnatural. God created you to be an introvert, and He wants you to work through your personality to evangelize. You don’t have to use the traditional evangelism methods that appeal to extroverts. As an introvert, you have strengths extroverts don’t have – strengths you can use to evangelize in your own way.


Here’s how you can evangelize as an introvert:


* Forget about someone else’s agenda. Don’t worry about trying to fit into other people’s ideas of what evangelism should look like. Realize that there are no “one-size-fits-all” methods to evangelism. Ask God to show you the unique ways that He wants you to evangelize. Remember that if you compare yourself to others or strive to be like them, you’ll rob people of what God wants to give them only through you. Trust that the more you work through your God-given temperament, the more effective you’ll be in your evangelism efforts.


* Consider how your strengths as an introvert can help you evangelize. Since you care what people think and understand how offensive a hard-sell approach can be, you’ll be sensitive in your approach to others. Since your recognize your inability to reach people through an outgoing personality, you’ll be more than extroverts aware of the need to depend on God to work through you. Since you think deeply, you can reach others who think deeply. Since you tend to have more patience than extroverts, God can use you in someone’s life over a long period of time rather than just an immediate discussion. Even though might reach fewer people than an extrovert, you can build deeper relationships with them.


* Remember that evangelism is a team effort. Don’t feel pressure to pray the salvation prayer with every person you talk with about faith. Understand that God often uses many people to move a person closer to a relationship with Him. He may be using you simply to get someone thinking about faith, while He plans to use an extrovert to bring that same person to the point of commitment. Recognize that God uses different forms on evangelism through different people, but the function is the same – to bring people to Christ.


* Don’t isolate yourself from non-Christians. Realize that God calls every Christian to build relationships with non-Christians. Don’t use being an introvert as an excuse to ignore that call. Get out there into the world and develop some friendships with a few non-Christians, perhaps through your workplace or a organization in which you share a common interest (such as a book club, sports league, or animal rescue group). Since introverts tend to develop closer and more meaningful friendships than extroverts, know that your friends will likely be positively impacted by your faith. Build relationships because you genuinely care about people, rather than viewing them as projects and simply targeting them to get saved so you can feel like you’ve done your duty.