We’re all prone to think that we can find happiness if we focus on ourselves. But self-centered lives never lead to true fulfillment.  It’s only when we look beyond ourselves to the One who made us – God – that we can discover the joy we’re seeking.  As we bring God glory, we fulfill the purpose for which He created us.


Here are some ways you can turn from a self-centered life toward a God-centered life:

Get to know God.
  Rather than seeking things from God, seek to know God Himself.  Spend lots of time with Him in prayer, developing intimacy with Him.

Realize that everything exists for God’s glory.
  Understand that God has chosen to reveal His glory for our good, not his own.   Know that God wants you to grow as you see how He reflects His glory through your life.  Thank Him for the good gifts He has given you – like your talents – and strive to use them well to honor God and bless other people.

Be humble.
  Consider God’s holiness, and how far from it we would be on our own.  Remember the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made on the cross so we could receive God’s mercy and grace.  Don’t boast in your abilities; remember that apart from God, you can do nothing.

Consider your place in time.
  Remember that, from God’s eternal perspective, your life on Earth is just a brief moment.  Ask God to give you the patience you need to endure the struggles of life in our fallen world during your short stay here.  Know that you will enjoy complete peace in heaven.