All around you, people are talking about spirituality. Those from different religions and philosophies express competing claims, and the noise from their debates often creates a cacophony of noise and confusion.


But you can make sense of the chatter, and help others discern what’s ultimately true along the way. So don’t shy away from the spiritual conversation around you.  Here’s how you can join in effectively:


* Gain confidence. Realize that, in the marketplace of ideas, you have just as much right to present your understanding of truth as anyone else does. So join in the public debate. Know that God doesn’t want you to remain silent when others are ignoring Him. Understand that it’s okay to make waves to get people’s attention. Don’t worry about what might happen whenever you express the Gospel message; trust the results to God, who has unlimited power to bring about good from even your most meager efforts. Don’t be concerned about any ability you lack (such as a sharp wit or a gift for public speaking), because God will help you do everything He calls you to do. Understand that you don’t have to be genius to discern truth or hold to a solid and legitimate worldview. Pray for confidence and the grace to represent Christ accurately. Rely on the strength God will give you to reach people He’ll bring into your path.


* Let your actions speak, too. Make sure your actions line up with your words by modeling a faithful life to others. Ask God to help you develop strong character and live life with integrity, so others can clearly see the positive impact of your faith. Regularly be kind to other people and devote significant time and energy to service. Give your best to every task you undertake, striving for excellence. Embrace the joy God offers you and let people see that joy at work in your life. Be grateful for God’s goodness, and strive to glorify Him and fulfill His purposes for your life.


* Don’t assume others have any prior knowledge of a biblical worldview. Understand that many people today don’t have even a basic understanding of the Bible or its concepts. Expect that you may often have to start from scratch when explaining God’s message to them.


* Recognize what you have in common with others. Realize that, despite cultural and other differences, you have much in common with other people because you share the experience of being human and the blessing of having been created in God’s image. Keep that in mind whenever you talk with someone whose views diverge from yours. Know that, if you relate as one human being to another, God can work through you both in amazing ways.