"I walked out of the house this morning to take out the garbage, and I heard the call of the geese. I stopped and looked up and watched them, flying in formation, and I thought, ‘Lord, how awesome you are.'" These moments of simply standing in quiet awe of God have given Arthur an appreciation for the early Desert Church Fathers, who spent a lot of time alone in contemplation, and her advice for the weary begins with taking time to ponder God's word in quiet.

"I would tell anyone to guard their time of quiet. It's so hard, and boy, do I understand the challenges facing many women now, because I have an eleven-year-old girl. I'm fixing her lunch in the morning and getting her off to school. She'll be home at four, and then we'll get homework started. And so the pressures and things that fill your time can be so great."

Spiritual nourishment is not the only part of Arthur's message; she also adds physical nourishment to her counsel for running the race with endurance. "Rest," she advises. "If you're in prison, of course, this can be nearly impossible. But as much as is possible, we must get rest. God has designed us to need rest—physical rest. He designed us to need eight to nine hours of sleep a night, and it would be presumptuous to think that because I am serving Him, I can break His laws and get exemption status. So we need to guard that. To me, sleep is a guard against depression and exhaustion."

This wisdom comes from one who is running the race with endurance and perseverance. While co-leading a worldwide ministry and being a devoted wife, mother and grandmother, Arthur is preparing to lead "study tours" to Israel and Greece in 2009 and to Rome in 2010. In the meantime, Arthur continues to study, pray, write, speak—and to experience God, whether she is addressing an arena full of people, or simply taking out the garbage.

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Publication date: July 28, 2010