Expect God to show up.  Know that God is always at work, even when you can't yet see any apparent answers to some of your prayers. Approach every situation expecting God to show up - sometimes in unexpected ways. Trust in the wisdom of the One who made the universe to have perfect timing. Have confidence in His goodness and mercy. Remember that He hears every one of your prayers - even those offered in the midst of stress, doubt, or despair. Understand that God will respond to even a small amount of faith and meet you where you are.

Remember God's work.  Keep traditions that remind you of powerful ways God has worked in your life in the past. Celebrate sacraments like communion that remind you of God's powerful work in history. Share family stories with your children so they can learn how God worked in their ancestor's lives. Commit to a church family and fully participate in it so you can recall and celebrate God's faithfulness together.

Leave the right kind of legacy.  Don't be nearly as concerned with your reputation, job, or contribution to society as you are about who you are in Christ. Realize that the only that has lasting value is how well you loved God and other people. Take the time to invest in others as much as you can, sharing God's love with them. Pass on encouragement whenever you get the chance. Affirm other people's gifts and capabilities much more than pointing out their shortcomings. Spend your most valuable resource - time - serving others to accomplish things of eternal value in God's kingdom on Earth. Make reading, studying, and meditating on God's word a top priority. Then teach others how to discover the riches in the Bible themselves. Pass on the wisdom you've learned from your life experiences. Open your home to friends and family members regularly to talk about how God is working in your lives. Take as many leaps of faith as you can before God calls you take the final leap of faith from Earth to heaven.

Adapted from Leap of Faith: Embracing the Life God Promised You, copyright 2004 by Ellie Lofaro. Published by NexGen, an imprint of Cook Communications Ministries, Colorado Springs, Co., www.CookMinistries.com/NexGen.

Ellie Lofaro has a national ministry as an author, conference speaker, and Bible teacher. Thousands have been touched by her ability to bring poignant revelation, humor, and grace into life's most difficult and challenging situations. With warmth, wit, and wisdom, she shares her passion for evangelism and exhortation. Ellie, her husband, Frank, and their three children live near the nation's capital.