They were just ordinary women, going about their daily lives alongside many others during biblical times. Nothing about their intellectual accomplishments, social positions, or physical beauty set them apart from the crowd then, or makes them particularly memorable today.


But the way they responded to God helped them develop extraordinary faith – faith that continues to speak powerfully to women today from the pages of Scripture. By emulating their virtues, your life can also go from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Here’s what the lives of some of the Bible’s most faithful women can teach you:


* Eve: She kept her hope alive and persevered in faith, even after her sin shattered the world around her. As the mother of all living, she showed how God created men and women equally, yet to fill different roles and accomplish different purposes. Eve enjoyed living in the harmony of that creation until her act of disobedience brought paradise to an end. When she and Adam tried to cover their shame, they showed how all attempts at merely human goodness fail to provide adequate camouflage for disgrace. Even today, no manmade religion, philanthropy, education, or self-improvement plans have the power to change your fallen state. It’s only God’s grace that can transform you, and it was God’s grace that allowed Eve to avoid complete destruction and bear children to continue the line of humans on our planet. Eve rejoiced because of God’s compassion and forgiveness toward her, and her hope was personified in her own children. Eventually, her descendants would include the Savior of the world.


* Sarah: She faced huge obstacles, yet overcame them because of her steadfast faith that God would keep His promises. Although her life was marked by distinct moments of weakness (such as when she grew tired of waiting and encouraged her husband Abraham to conceive a child with her servant Hagar), she never gave up hope that God would turn her disappointment and frustration into fulfillment and joy. She regretted trying to force God’s hand before He was ready to act. Eventually, after God gave her Isaac at an advanced age, she rejoiced in that wonderful gift. Her life shows the value of trusting that God will always do what’s best, when it’s best.


* Rahab: She lived a destructive life marked by deep sin that enslaved her, but found freedom through the power of God’s grace. A prostitute in the wicked city of Jericho, Rahab didn’t do any good deeds that merited God’s favor, and didn’t have the advantages that come with a background of faith. Yet she found her heart drawn to God, and decided to take the risk of walking away from her old lifestyle completely. Eventually, her named appeared in Christ’s genealogy. Her life reminds you that even the worst of sinners can be redeemed.