Other scheduled speakers include Dan Cathy, President of Chick-fil-A, Laurie Beth Jones, author of Jesus CEO, Rosey Grier, legendary football star, Phil Hodges, co-author of The Servant Leader, William Pollard, Chairman Emeritus Service Master, Estean Lenyoun, President of Impact Urban American, Don Soderquist, Senior Vice Chairman of Wal-Mart, and James "Micky" Blackwell, former President and COO of Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems.


In addition, special music will be provided by Christian music artist, Charles Billingsley.


Throughout the day we will experience music, drama and prayer, in addition to hearing great speakers. The program design will follow the four dimensions we focus on in our Lead Like Jesus encounters:

* HEART (Intention and Motivation)

* HEAD (Belief and Theories about Leadership)

* HANDS (Leadership Methods and Behavior)

·        HABITS (Strategies to redirect our commitment to Lead Like Jesus everyday)


Tell me about what it means to you personally to lead like Jesus. How does that play out in your day-to-day life?

Dan Cathy: I find that on a daily basis, I need to be taught by the Master. I’ve had a tremendous role model in my dad, Truett Cathy, and I see that in his life, it’s so easy to get led astray and get pulled in different directions, but he’s been centered in his life. He’s had that element of focus. As a tremendous role model as he is, there are other role models out there that we could all follow. But in our zeal to learn and to have good mentors, we may have overlooked probably our most potent leadership model that we have access to and that is the writing and teachings and the demonstration of leadership as exhibited by Jesus himself.


How can we be servant leaders in our workplaces?


Dan Cathy:  First off, we need to have heart of a servant. We have to realize that we’ve all been forgiven. God’s grace has been extended to us; we’ve been bought with a price. We are not our own. We’re His to be used by Him for Him — His ambassadors at His disposal – and have a sense of humility about the way we act and what our priorities should be.