First we ought to pray, “Lord, would you help me to have a heart of a servant?” Second we should pray, “Would you help me to see the opportunities in which I can jump in and play a part and help someone else out and be concerned about the affairs of others?”


I found in playing golf, for instance, I used to get anxious about “maybe I didn’t play such a good game of golf.” And I realized how self-centered I was – that it was about me and my game and taking care of my ball and finding it in the woods. If my enjoyment of the game of golf was determinant upon how I played, I never could be assured that a half-day I spent on the golf course would be enjoyable. But it clicked in my mind one day, “Why don’t I just stay and be concerned about the other players, taking care of them?”


If I took care of others, I could always be assured with confidence I’d have a great day playing golf and I don’t play golf all that often. But I learned a great life lesson from that and that is our agenda really needs to be focused on others and again, that’s what Jesus really <

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