The following is a report on the practical applications of Jeff O'Leary's new book, Footprints in Time: Fulfilling God’s Destiny for Your Life, (Nelson Books, 2006).

Of the billions of people who have lived throughout history, many aren’t remembered. But some have lived such remarkable lives that time can’t erase their legacies. They were just ordinary people, yet they lived in extraordinary ways that inspired future generations. Such a legacy is within your own reach if you follow their examples of faith.


Here’s how you can leave a powerful legacy:


* Seek God. Make it your top priority in life to pursue God and grow closer to Him with each passing day.


* Find and follow your calling. Ask God to reveal what contributions He wants you to make to the world. Invite Him to use your life in powerful ways. Then obey His will and set out to fulfill His purposes for your life.


* Don’t settle for less than God’s best. Know that there’s much more to life than just making money to pay bills and putting together some harmonious relationships. Don’t just get by; choose to live with passion. Focus beyond the mundane to the eternal. Pursue eternal values so your life will have lasting significance. Learn what’s truly important and what’s not, and don’t waste time or energy on pursuits that don’t really matter.


* Defeat hopelessness with courage. When you encounter a situation that’s morally wrong, refuse to accept it and decide to do something about it. Be willing to place other people’s needs before your own. Consider the victory of your cause more important than even your own survival, and be willing to pay whatever cost you need to pay to right the wrong. Remember that death is not the end, but the beginning of a better life. Throw yourself into the fray rather than cowing before it. Do whatever is necessary to protect your honor.