Do you feel tired, disappointed, or stuck in life? Do your days seem to drag on without much energy or excitement?

If so, you're not alone. Everyone who tries to run the race of faith goes through times when they feel like they just can't continue. But God promises a second wind to those who trust Him. No matter what your current circumstances, it's never too late to pursue that second wind - a force that will propel you forward into God's best for your life. Here are some ways you can discover a second wind:

Realize that it's never over until it's over.  Understand that, no matter how old or set in your ways you are, God never intends for your life to be locked in. He always has more for you to experience and learn, as long as you're alive. Invite and expect Him to surprise you with His creative ideas for new directions you can take in life. Don't rule out anything - a career change, a new baby, a move, etc.

Be willing to take risks.  Offer every part of your life to God without holding anything back. Understand that you can trust Him completely whenever He asks you to take a risk. Know that taking risks for God is actually safer than not doing so, because the best place for you to be is in the center of God's will.

Turn to God for healing.  Take heart that God is willing and able to heal you from whatever wounds you've suffered in your past.  Start walking with God through the healing process, and trust that you can hope for real and lasting change.

Forgive those who have hurt or offended you.  Don't let unforgiveness block the second wind God wants to send you.  Decide to forgive others and rely on God's help to do so.

Let God sit in the driver's seat.  Stop trying to wrest control of your life away from God.  Sit in the passenger seat of your life and let God drive.  Know that, by doing so, you will be able to accomplish far more than you ever could on your own.  Remember that God has only the best plans in mind for you.

Confess and repent.  Come clean with God by confessing your sins and repenting of them.  Let Him use this process to make you humbler and wiser.

Keep your promises.  If you've told God you would do something but have struggled to follow up, remember your vow and decide to obey.  Know that if you cooperate with God, you will be eligible to receive the good gifts He wants to give you.  Do the right thing and watch what God will do in response.

Trust God to change evil into good.  Don't fret about other people's unfair actions toward you.  Know that, if you commit these situations to God, He will take what they meant for evil and use it to accomplish good purposes in your life.

Don't play the blame game.  Don't waste time and energy blaming other people or your circumstances for your problems.  Be willing to take responsibility for your own responses to life.  Decide that you really want your life to change, and tell God so.  Believe that God wants to change your life, too, and will help you when you turn to Him.

Have the courage to be proactive.  Keep stepping out in faith to follow God wherever He leads, even when the odds seem to be overwhelmingly against you.  Don't wait for your circumstances to change; act anyway, and God will walk beside you.

Engage in spiritual warfare.  Recognize the fact that you have an enemy - Satan - who is trying to block your progress.  Don't be surprised when you encounter difficulties in our fallen world.  View such experiences as what they are - times of testing - and pray regularly for the strength to remain faithful.  Know that God will use the pain of your trials to shape you into a stronger person.  Instead of asking, "Why is this happening to me?" ask, "How can I learn from this?".