The following is a report on the practical applications of David Jeremiah's new book, Captured by Grace.

Mistakes can lead you far away from God. But no matter where you run, God will chase after you, pursuing you with a love that never gives up. You’re never beyond the reach of His truly amazing grace.

Let grace capture you so can rest in God’s love. Here’s how:

* Know grace’s power. Realize that grace is powerful enough to overrule any kind of sin. Trust that grace will shine the light of God’s love into even the darkest corner of your heart. Remember that there is never any limit to God’s grace, and that it’s equally available to all who believe.

* Acknowledge your sin and repent. Recognize the reality of sin in your life, and genuinely repent so God will forgive you and pour His grace into your life. Thank God that He won’t punish you as you deserve, but instead offers you the gift of His grace. Know that you are totally contaminated by sin, yet also totally forgiven through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, so in that redemption you can stand before a holy God as if you live with utter purity and perfection.

* Accept the gift. Understand that there’s nothing you can ever do to earn grace. Know that God offers you grace completely for free, as an invaluable gift that He paid for in full through Jesus’ death on the cross. Don’t worry that you don’t merit His grace; know that He loves you unconditionally and offers grace to you because of His great love. Accept and embrace God’s gift of grace to you. Thank Him for it, and rejoice in it.

* Don’t take it for granted. Remember that grace isn’t cheap; it cost God dearly to offer it to you. Live with a constant appreciation for God’s kindness, patience, and forbearance toward you. Thank and praise God whenever He surprises you with His grace.

* Celebrate the access you have to God. Since grace has given you free access to God through Jesus, use every opportunity to build a close relationship with God. Pray often, and remember that nothing can ever separate you from God’s love.