According to Lambert, Christianity was nearly stamped out during the Cultural Revolution, and now China is witnessing one of the greatest revivals in world history. Lambert also agrees that the greatest need among the churches is for mature, trained leaders. According to Lambert, there are many parts of China where there is only one trained registered pastor for every 15,000 Christians.  House church pastors, untrained and under-supported, are overwhelmed, with each one leading as many as five or more fellowships. Lambert shared stories of the staggering growth of the Christian Church in China at all levels of society.


The business people traveling with Palau were also given the opportunity to address university students and Chinese business and professional people, as well as 30 rural pastors at a special conference led by partner evangelist Jose Zayas. The Chinese economy is expanding at a rapid pace and there is great interest in dialoging with international business leaders. Palau's business friends were also allowed to share why they feel Jesus Christ is very relevant to economic success. 


China is attracting worldwide attention for its economic potential. China is ranked number two in the world for purchasing power. The country expects a huge boost to its economy from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. As China emerges as an economic power, there appears to be a new readiness to rethink economic and social policies.


The Palau tour concluded with Palau, Chapman and Chang participating in two evangelistic Easter services at the Beijing International Christian Fellowship (BICF). Between services at BICF, Palau was rushed across the street to a hotel ballroom where he addressed the largest Korean Fellowship in Beijing.


Palau's festival calendar for the rest of the year has him speaking in Reno, Nevada; Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota; and overseas in Stuttgart, Germany; Lima, Peru; and Fiji.