PPT’s Pray the Vote website at www.praythevote.org is full of information and resources to help people do just that. One tool is called 40 Days to Pray the Votetm. It is a collection of 40 daily prayers asking God to protect all aspects of the elections – candidates, media coverage, voter fraud, voting places, etc., which are intended to run September 28 through November 6, but Lind says you can jump in anywhere in between. There also will be an Online Prayer Rallytm on Election Eve, November 6.


40 Days to Pray the Votetm is available in various formats, including the organization’s online Prayer Experience, as a podcast, through text messages on cell phones, as downloadable 30-second PSAs for radio stations, and in an Individual Prayer Package that includes business-sized cards containing each daily prayer and a CD with all 40 in MP3 format.


“We’re committed to also providing resources for pastors to help rekindle our nation’s culture of patriotic prayer,” said Lind. “We’re offering a Group Prayer Package containing two sermons, an inspirational video, a prayer guide and various other tools for churches and other groups to use.” Go to www.presidentialprayerteam.org for details.


Does One Vote Count?
Rev. Billy Graham has said, "In a world that might say one vote doesn't matter..., it does matter because each person is of infinite worth and value to God... Your vote is a declaration of importance as a person and a citizen."


History proves the power of a single vote. One vote gave Thomas Jefferson the White House in 1801, admitted Texas to the Union in 1845 and gave leadership of the German Nazi Party to Hitler in 1923. In 1941, the Selective Service Act, the draft, was saved by one vote just weeks before Pearl Harbor was attacked. John F. Kennedy won the presidency by less than one vote per precinct, and George Bush was elected President in 2000 by the electoral votes of just one state.


“People need to vote informed,” reminded Lind. “Considering the impact on our nation and the world of every vote cast, voters need to take seriously the weight of their decisions. They should know the issues and the candidates, and, most importantly of all, they need to pray for God’s wisdom before voting. We need to rekindle our nation’s culture of prayer and back it up with action.”