As a Christian, you yearn to become more like Jesus.  But too often, perhaps, you find yourself stuck in the same old attitudes and behaviors you’d like to change.


No matter how frustrated you are, be assured that real change truly is possible.  It will come when you learn how to stop unknowingly blocking God’s work in your life and start unleashing His transforming power within.  God longs to share the beauty of His character with all His people so the world will become a more beautiful place – a place that reflects His glory.


Here are some ways you can pursue a character that reflects the image of your Creator:


Avoid apathy and embrace passionate living.  Know that God wants you to live a passionate life, and that He wants you to be passionate about the things He’s passionate about Himself.  He wants you to love extravagantly and take the risks you need to take to grow.  Make forging a closer relationship with God your primary passion, and He will transform your other passions in the process.


Turn your focus away from yourself and onto God and other people.  Realize that self-indulgence isn’t important enough to give your life to.  Understand that your life is meant to be given to the God who created you and used to bless others around you.  Avoid pride and greed.


Pursue humility. Ask God to help you see yourself honestly for who you are, and to accept it.  Come to grips with your own human flaws, and realize that you must depend on God’s grace in life.  Remember that all of life is a gift.  Rather than demanding things from God, thank Him for what He has already given you.  Understand that God is not nearly as concerned about your talent as He is about your character.  Ask God to help you submit to His will, especially when it goes against your personal desires.  Remember that Christ was humble when He came to Earth, and that anywhere He has walked is not beneath you.  Don’t worry about what other people think of you; instead, strive to please God.


Become an authentic person with integrity.  Don’t waste time and energy trying to pretend, or to alter your behavior to fit different situations.  Instead, build your life on biblical truth, and invite God to transform you from the inside out so that you can live by the truths you believe.  Know your values and refuse to compromise them.  Ask God to show you what kind of person He wants you to become.  Then focus on actively becoming that person.  Understand that real power lies not in manipulating others, but in living a life that inspires them to also grow closer to God.