How do you see God?  Do you envision Him to be a distant being who scowls at your every wrong move?  Do you view Him as a nice guy who means well but can’t do much about your problems?  While neither perspective accurately portrays God, He does reveal Himself in the Bible.  And He longs for you to see Him!


Deep down, we all yearn to be close to God.  But since our relationships are formed by our perceptions, we can’t enjoy intimacy with God until we see Him as He really is – the way He longs for us to see Him.


Here’s how you can clear your vision to see God as He wants to be seen:


Set your assumptions aside and seek Him.  Let go of your assumptions about what God is like.  Realize that God is not like human beings.  Stop trying to tame or manage Him to accomplish your purposes; instead, behold how awesome He is and submit to His purposes for you.  Keep an open mind for the process of discovering the truth about God.  Keep an open heart that is willing to be transformed by what God reveals of Himself to you.  Understand that God can only be known as He chooses to reveal Himself.  Look for glimpses of God in nature, the Bible, and the life of His Son, Jesus.  Realize that you can’t know all of God exhaustively and live, but you can see what He wants you to see with complete accuracy.  Understand that God’s revelation to you depends on His relationship to you; if the Holy Spirit resides in you, you’ll see more of God than those who are not connected to Him through Jesus and the Spirit.  Decide to seek God passionately.  Tell Him that you long to know Him better.  Spend time with Him in prayer.


See God’s goodness.  Know that God is a generous Father who intends to bless and encourage you because, by His nature, He’s good.  Understand that He chooses to bless you not because you deserve it, but because doing so brings Him pleasure.  Know that God is on your side.  Expect God to be kind, open, friendly, benevolent, sympathetic, and compassionate toward you.  Look for glimpses of God’s goodness through the natural blessings He pours into your life (your health, work, relationships, etc.), through specific times when God intervenes to deliver you from a crisis, through Jesus’ sacrificial death that made our salvation possible, through God’s promise to help us in our lives here on earth and in heaven, and through Jesus’ role as creator and mediator between God the Father and His creation.  Respond to God’s goodness by repenting of your unbelief and ingratitude, resting in His goodness when you encounter adversity (knowing that all He has allowed to come into your life has come through His benevolent hands for specific purposes), and taking risks to follow where God leads you.