* Look for winks in your relationships with family. Know that God is pleased when you’re kind to your family members. Expect Him to respond with winks that encourage you as you strive to love your family well.


* Take steps toward your dreams. Let God’s winks inspire you to continue moving toward fulfilling your dreams. Understand that your destiny won’t just come to you as you wait passively; instead, God will use winks to guide you as you take active steps of faith along the way to making your dreams come true. So put yourself in motion with the knowledge and wisdom you currently have, and stay alert for God’s winks to act as a divine navigational system. Trust God to correct your course wherever necessary, and lead you down new roads toward fresh opportunities. Let the winks He gives you fill you with peace and joy on your way.

Adapted from When God Winks at You: How God Speaks Directly to You Through the Power of Coincidence, copyright 2006 by Squire Rushnell.  Published by Nelson Books, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, Tn., www.thomasnelson.com.   


Squire Rushnell, a former television president and CEO, was for 20 years an executive with the ABC Television Network. He is the creator of such programs for young people as Schoolhouse Rock and the ABC Afterschool Specials, which together won 75 Emmys. He also led Good Morning America to the number-one spot and is the author of the word-of-mouth phenomenon When God Winks.