On February 1st, our nation was shaken by the tragic loss of seven astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. As people tried to find out more about these remarkable astronauts, news spread about artist Steve Green's friendship with Rick Husband, commander of STS-107.


According to Steve's brother and manager David, Green sang at the launch of the shuttle on Jan. 16 and had been in communication with Rick in space via e-mail and one voice communication. Steve and his wife Marijean were with Evelyn Husband at the NASA memorial service in Houston and participated in Rick's memorial service at Grace Community Church in Houston. 


What was a personal friendship has become a point of interest to the media and many others. Steve has now shared publicly some of the experiences and stories in order that Rick's desire might be fulfilled; the desire that Christ be magnified in his body whether by life or by death.


Following is an email that has been circulating around the country and although it is not an official statement from Steve Green's ministry office, it is a good representation of the friendship between Rick Husband and Steve:

Tonight, David and I had tickets to the Steve Green concert at our church. It was very different from his normal concerts in that the concert was dedicated to his dear friend, Rick Husband, the commander of the space shuttle Columbia. 


Steve and his wife were very good friends with Rick and his wife Evelyn. He told us that he met Rick many years ago at one of his concerts. They came up to greet Steve and tell him how much they enjoyed his music.


Rick's wife whispered to Steve that Rick was an astronaut. Steve immediately began asking him questions (he said that everyone waiting in line to see him suddenly turned their interest to Rick). That was the beginning of their friendship. 


Three years ago, Green was present at Rick's first space shuttle launch where he sang at a reception prior to take off. He did the same thing 17 days ago and then watched Rick go into space. Steve told us how many of the people at the reception were non-believers, which is not unusual among the science community. 


Steve's lastest CD contains a song titled "God of Wonders" that speaks about a "God beyond our galaxies-You are holy, holy-The heavens declare your majesty-You are holy, holy." Rick Husband loved the song and Steve sang it the reception held for him. 


A video was also made to accompany it, showing Husband with his wife and two young children, in space on his prior mission, along with breathtaking photographs of the galaxies our God created. This same song was also played upon Rick's wife's request as one of the wakeup songs one morning on the space shuttle (they apparently play a different song each morning from NASA).