Steve emailed with Rick while he was in space and he shared that Rick talked about how awesome God's creation was as he saw it out the space shuttle window. 


Rick was a quiet man, said Green, but never quiet about sharing his faith in Jesus Christ. He told the audience that right before the crew boarded the space shuttle 17 days ago, Rick stopped them all and prayed for them. NASA workers commented that in all their years working there, they had never seen a commander pray with his crew. Steve said that at T minus 2 before takeoff, a NASA control person commented that it was a perfect day for launch and Rick replied 'The Lord has given us a beautiful day.' These were just some of the things he told us.


Green did a concert in Houston last week; Rick's wife, Evelyn, and Michael Anderson's wife were there. Steve prayed for Rick and Michael while they were in space and then Steve's family spent the evening having dinner with them.


Steve told us how Rick left a recorded devotional video for each of his two children for each of the 17 days he would be gone. That was 34 videos that he took the time to record so that his children would not miss their daily devotions they had with their dad.  What a legacy Rick has left his children.


According to a statement on the Steve Green Ministries website, "Rick was a humble, gracious and unassuming man. He was a great inspiration to all who knew him. In days to come and at the appropriate time, Evelyn Husband will tell more of their story with the hope that our Lord will receive much praise."


Performing live music is a cornerstone of Steve Green's career, a tradition he's maintained since 1984 when he established Steve Green Ministries. His music has been honored with four Grammy nominations, 13 No. 1 songs and six Dove Awards, Christian music's highest honor.


With 23 recordings to his credit, including children's projects and Spanish-language albums, Green has sold over three million albums worldwide. Before performing solo, Green contributed his vocal talents to well-known groups Truth, White Heart and the New Gaither Vocal Band.


Steve has been tapped for high-profile occasions like Promise Keepers and Billy Graham Crusade events. Green has worked to raise believers awareness of persecuted Christians around the world and has performed worldwide in 44 countries, including various Spanish-speaking countries, as well as South Africa, Korea and the Philippines.


Compiled by Janet Chismar. Used with permission of David Green.


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