Ask God to help them:

* Stand strong in their convictions

* Be bold in their witness

* Meet America's spiritual needs

* Be a place of hope and healing

The Imprisoned and Persecuted

Protection and Unity

Ask God to help them:

* Endure their hardships

* Find joy in the midst of trials

* Encourage one another

* Find comfort in their faith

Mass Media, Cultural and Social Services

Wisdom and Knowledge

Ask God to help them:

* Reflect godly values in their work

* Be accurate and fair in their presentations

* Place a high value on truth and decency

* Be responsible with their influence

The Family

Blessing and Prosperity

Ask God to help families:

* Commit to the permanence of marriage

* Serve one another in love

* Be dedicated to each other

* Restore broken relationships

Personal Renewal and Moral Awakening

Reverence and Humility

Ask God to help us:

* Confess our sins

* Seek His direction

* Rely on Him instead of ourselves