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We are in a battle for the moral soul of America, and it's a battle to destroy the very foundation on which we were built. You cannot build on a cracked foundation, and what is already standing will inevitably fall apart.

We see effort after effort to take away our Judeo-Christian beliefs: no more Ten Commandments, no more public displays of anything Christ-like.

In 1956, a small lighted display case was erected on the courthouse lawn
in downtown Houston to honor industrialist William Mosher for his contributions to the Star of Hope Mission, which has served thousands of homeless, desperate, and destitute individuals and families in the city throughout the years.
The display includes a Bible, honoring the faith in Christ that compelled him to do the work of the ministry. A judge recently ruled that the Bible must be removed from the display after a citizen complained that a Bible displayed on public property is unconstitutional.

Statistics indicate that the majority of Americans are favorable to public displays of the Ten Commandments, nativity scenes, and so on. It seems to me there is a minority who are creating reverse discrimination by using the letter of the law to coerce the majority to cower to the beliefs of the few, when the spirit of the law was to bring liberty, equality, and freedom of speech to all.

These are the very things that made us a great nation where all peoples could dwell in safety, because Jesus Himself was raised up as the Shadow of The Almighty over our land. All religions and all faiths and all peoples knew they could come to this land of liberty, a place of hope, and flourish here. But now, the very ones who have benefited from our foundation of freedom seek to remove the very thing that gives them that liberty.

America Is In Trouble

In early 2004, I was at a meeting in Dallas with 50-60 key leaders from around the country, including former U.N. Ambassador Alan Keyes, Judge Roy Moore from Alabama, Joyce and David Meyers, Rick Scarborough from Vision America, and James Robison, along with Houston pastors Steve Riggle and Bob Philips. Though we all came from different perspectives and paradigms and streams of faith, we met because of our common consensus that America is in trouble.

During the meeting, Alan Keyes made this thought-provoking observation regarding our cracked foundation: "Our rights to revere God have been stolen from us, the American people. Those who steal our rights to the sovereignty of God in our lives have total power over us."

As I pondered how this happened, I, too, made some observations on the problem, the reason for the problem, and the actions needed for change.

The problem: Certain people have broken the commandments of God and want to re-write their own human laws to justify their desire for personal license, with no restraints. The only thing keeping them from the power to do this is our God-given right to worship Him as our Sovereign.

The reason for the problem: Like the church of Ephesus in Revelation 2:4, we have left our first love.

The actions needed for change: We must get back to our relationship with the person of Jesus Christ and let Him be Lord of the land again and Lord of our lives.