Have you ever caught yourself making the same mistakes over and over?  It’s frustrating to be plagued by weaknesses, but they don’t have to be your undoing.  Inside every weakness lies the potential for growth.  By recognizing and confronting your weaknesses, you can actually use them to build strengths.


Here are some ways you can turn your weaknesses into strengths:


Tackle different kinds of fear

Fears of rejection or abandonment:  Try to determine the source of your fear and when it began.  Consider whether or not the fear makes sense in the situation you’re facing.  If it isn’t, redirect your thoughts to something else so you can spend your energy in healthy ways.

Fear of intimacy: Admit that you actually do desire intimacy.  Make a list of the problems that avoiding intimacy is causing in your life.  Compare the pain of losing relationships with the joy of accepting lasting relationships.  Resist the urge to run when it arises, and redirect your energy into building relationships.

Fear of loss: Determine what you’re afraid of losing.  Consider whether or not that fear is warranted, given your current circumstances.  If it isn’t warranted, redirect your thoughts toward more productive things.

Fears of potential harm:  Express your internal fears by talking about them with others.  Take the emotional energy you had been using to try to protect yourself, and invest it into developing relationships with caring people.

Fears of failure or success: Decide to trust in God’s infinite wisdom for your future.  Answer your “What if …?” questions and plan for how you can handle various scenarios if they do arise.  Know that if you anticipate what may happen, plan for it, and trust God to lead you, your fears will evaporate.