Sure, you can pray for your community while just sitting at home. But if you prayerwalk - pray while actually walking through your community - your prayers can become much more focused and powerful. When you take your prayers to the streets of your local area, you can play an important part in transforming it for good.


Here's how you can transform your community by prayerwalking:


Understand the benefits of prayerwalking. Realize that the exercise of walking helps keep you alert and focused. Know that if you're actually moving through your community, you'll encounter many sights, smells, and sounds that will give you ideas for specific ways to pray. Understand that being in the presence of people for whom you're praying (such as neighbors outside in their yards) helps make you more compassionate toward them and motivates you to pray more fervently.


Engage in both communion and confrontation. Know that in order to pray effectively, you should both successfully engage God's Spirit and challenge and defeat demonic powers. Seek heart-to-heart communion with God in which you invite His dreams and visions for your community to flood your spirit. Then, claiming the authority you have in Christ, rely on His power to discern evil influences around you and confront them.


Be quiet and discreet. Remember that your purpose is to pray effectively - not to pray in order to be seen praying. Don't call attention to yourself unnecessarily; just lift the needs you see around you to God. If you're prayerwalking with a friend, pray in a conversational way as you walk together, and take turns leading the prayers.


Let your experiences guide your prayers. Pay careful attention to all you notice around you as you walk. Perhaps you'll encounter gang members in a courtyard or park. Maybe you'll see a pink triangle sign hanging somewhere, indicating support for homosexuality. Whenever you notice a particular lifestyle or belief system, pray about it. Let the knowledge that you gain as you walk help you pray in specific ways. For example, if you see signs of poverty, you could pray for people in the area to have greater opportunities to earn a living. If you see signs of wealth, you could pray that those resources will be used for God's kingdom. If you see lots of elderly people, you could pray for health and strength for them. If you see lots of young children, you could pray that they would grow to fulfill God's potential for them.


Plan a strategy. Draw and study spiritual maps, detailing areas where the gospel has had an effect versus areas that lack Christian influence. Then pray strategically, targeting parts of your area that need it most. Try grid praying, in which you and others on a prayerwalking team go into a section of town and cover it in prayer block by block until the whole town is covered.