For example, some of us may be interpreting Scripture to say one thing while others may be interpreting it a slightly different way. Almost always, our love-walk with those we disagree should trump whatever concept it is that we fail to agree upon. When I began looking at tolerance through this lens, it inspired me to search the Bible for those things that were "closed-handed," or non-negotiable. I will tell you that, so far, I haven't found a whole heck of a lot of them.

Finally, we come to our new church home. As I write, I realize that it is an even mixture of all of the things I grew to appreciate about the other churches we attended. It's funny; people began inviting us to this church almost as soon as we had begun to transition out of our former Word of Faith church, but I let a little thing like location keep me from going there. It's downtown. It's incredibly hard to imagine where someone might find a parking spot. It's so far from ideal in so many ways... until you actually visit there, that is.

You know what else is really awesome? I honestly don't think I would have appreciated our new church if we had just visited there right away. By attending all of these other churches, we were able to make an informed decision about where our family would begin the next chapter of our church life. It's not only given me tremendous hope for the future, but a greater respect for God. After all, He knew the journey our family needed to take before we did.

Stephen Sanders is the Audio/Video Editor at Salem Web Network. He is also a student of Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute and author of the blog, thin line between faith & denial: a journey from charismania into the unknown. Stephen is husband to Kasie and daddy to 3 beautiful daughters. On the rare occasion that he isn't working, studying, blogging or being a husband/daddy, Stephen enjoys music, sports, people watching, solitude, coffee and experiencing new things. Follow him on Twitter @1stephensanders.

Publication date: February 4, 2013