Now, if you're a good rock drummer but your church only uses a pipe organ-or maybe your church plays contemporary music but already has several drummers better than you-I am NOT saying God wants you to leave your church. There could be many other reasons he wants you to stay. As I've said in other columns, whether my gifts are used to fullest capacity in my local church is far from the most important factor in which church I serve in.


In the end, let's remember that the gospel will go forth to change lives, with or without our gifts or our music. Our call is to steward our talents humbly in the way that best glorifies Jesus Christ and serves His church.


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If you'd like to have a greater appreciation for the gospel, I would highly recommend to you a new book by my senior pastor, C.J. Mahaney, titled A Cross-Centered Life (Multnomah). It's a small book, but packed with truth. You can purchase it at your local Christian store or order it online from the Sovereign Grace Store. If you want to preview the book via video, visit Sovereign Grace Ministries online and click on the video link on our homepage.


Among the many books on worship being written today, D.A. Carson's Worship by the Book stands out as being uniquely biblical, balanced, passionate, and practical. This new resource, with chapters by Dr. Carson, Mark Ashton, R. Kent Hughes, and Timothy Keller, will benefit anyone seeking to understand what kind of worship pleases God. You can order this online from the Sovereign Grace Store.


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