Help change the family. Help build stronger families however God leads you, such as by being the best spouse and parent you can be and investing time and energy into relationships with people you need who could use encouragement and support for their families (such as single parents).

Help change government. Help make your government healthier through means such as voting according to biblical values, regularly supporting your government’s leaders in prayer, and volunteering to serve yourself (either as a volunteer or by running for political office) however God leads you.

Help change arts and entertainment. Influence change in the arts and entertainment field in positive ways (such as by praying for the people who create shows and putting your own creative talents to use) rather than negative ways (such as through boycotts or indignant emails), because positive approaches are more effective than negative approaches.

Help change media. Promote truth and positivity in media, such as by regularly praying for journalists to cover good news as well as bad and to cover the news accurately and fairly, and by expressing your own views in the media (such as commenting online or writing letters to the editor for various publications) to create a public dialogue about important cultural issues.

Help change business. Invite God to work through you on the job to transform your business marketplace for the better, as He leads you. Do your work with excellence and integrity. Lovingly serve other people whenever you can. Be aware of God’s presence with you as you work in business, and follow His direction throughout each of your workdays. Encourage other business people who are working for righteousness. Use the wealth you create through your business work as a tool to support God’s kingdom work on Earth.

Help change education. Help strengthen the educational system in your area, such as by volunteering to serve on projects in your children’s schools, helping your children with their homework and giving them plenty of learning enrichment opportunities at home, praying for school employees (from teachers to administrators), and advocating within your community for the highest educational standards.

Help change your local church and community for the better. Help turn your local church into an equipping center for God’s change agents. Develop programs to train people how to apply their faith to their work outside the church’s walls. Regularly intercede in prayer for the people in your church who are trying to change the world. Invest church resources into the community service projects that God calls you all to undertake. Work together with others from your church to serve your community, and ground yourselves in prayer, humility, unity, and knowledge of God’s ways as you do so.  

Change Agent Os HillmanAdapted from Change Agent: Engaging Your Passion to be the One Who Makes a Difference, copyright 2011 by Os Hillman. Published by Charisma House, a division of Charisma Media/Charisma House Book Group, Lake Mary, Fl.,

Os Hillman is the president of Marketplace Leaders, the author of 12 books, and writes a daily e-mail devotional called TGIF Today God Is First, which has more than 200,000 subscribers worldwide. He has been featured on CNBC and NBC, in the LA Times and New York Times, and in other media as a spokesperson on faith and culture. Os attended the University of South Carolina and lives in the Atlanta metro area.

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