Editor’s note: The following is a report on the practical application of Dan Miller and Jared Angaza's new book, Wisdom Meets Passion: When Generations Collide and Collaborate (Thomas Nelson, 2012).

When working to fulfill God’s purposes in their lives, older people tend to focus most on the importance of wisdom, while younger people tend to view passion as the key. But, from God’s perspective, both wisdom and passion are necessary to successfully live a life that’s faithful to His purposes for you.

It’s possible to attain wisdom in your youth and maintain passion into old age. No matter what generation you belong to, you can blend wisdom and passion to fulfill your God-given potential. Here’s how:

Discover the unique ways that God wants you to help the world. Ask God to make you aware of the distinctive talents with which He has blessed you, and to show you how specific ways He wants you to use those talents to make the world a better place and draw others to Him in the process. Consider what you do best and what you most enjoying doing, and then reflect on how those activities can help meet the world’s needs. Pay attention to the dreams that have been languishing in your mind, and pray about each one, asking God to give you the wisdom to know if those passionate hopes reflect His will for you. Choose to believe God’s promise that anything is possible with Him. Set goals for the future that will help you make God-given dreams come true, and view your current work opportunities as stepping stones on the way to success. Start pursuing your dreams right now – with whatever resources you currently have – trusting God to continue to provide what you need as you keep stepping forward in faith. Fill your mind regularly with positive thoughts that reflect biblical truth; God will use those thoughts to fuel your soul with confidence so you can overcome discouragement and keep moving forward.

Become a free agent. Embrace the freedom that God offers you to take advantage of the best work opportunities you find rather than remaining stuck in a work situation that’s stable but doesn’t fully make use of your talents. When you derive your sense of security from your relationship with God rather than from a particular job you have, you’re free to choose work that expresses your values and releases your strongest talents. Keep in mind that ideas are the most valuable commodities in the marketplace right now. Consider which ideas you have to contribute, and how you can best act on them to improve people’s lives. Remember, too, that today’s economy demands flexibility, and people often change jobs. So don’t expect to work at just one company for a long period of time, and describe yourself to others in terms of the kind of work you do (not for which company you work). Constantly clarify your most marketable skills and seek out the best opportunities to use them, as God leads you, during different seasons of your life. Seek work that is both meaningful and profitable. Never take a job just for money or settle for work that doesn’t tap into your talents well; trust God to lead you to the opportunities that are truly right for you.

Never stop learning. No matter how old you are, God is constantly bringing enriching learning opportunities into your life. Decide to take advantage of every one that you can, even if you’re currently unemployed or retired. Incorporate activities that help you learn something new into your life regularly, such as reading books, taking classes, and traveling to places you haven’t yet visited. When you’re learning, look beyond mere theory to practical ways that you can apply your new knowledge to your life. Ask lots of questions. No matter how old you are or much expertise you may have gained in a particular field, always keep a beginner’s mind that’s open to discovering new ideas.