Heating and electric bills can skyrocket in the winter when households are combatting the outside chill. In the summer keeping cool can be costly as well. Here are a few tips for
saving on some energy costs:

In the summer:
  • Close window shades or blinds to shut out direct sunlight

  • Set up fans to increase ventilation

  • For extreme cases, hang wet sheets in the path of your fans

  • If possible, hang out downstairs rather than running the air conditioning

  • If available, sign up for an energy discount by volunteering for occasional energy shutdowns if the utility company needs the power.
In the winter:
  • Keep the heat to 65 and wear sweaters or heavier clothes

  • Close off any rooms that are not frequently used

  • Put up storm windows or plastic sheeting to reduce heat escape from windows

  • Put rolled up towels at the bottom of doors to reduce heat escaping

  • Hang out in the kitchen whenever possible (usually the warmest room in the house)