Would you like an activity that is Christ-centered, educational, family-oriented, evangelical, and fun? Our home-school group decided that a field day in May would be a perfect way to celebrate the end of another school year. When my wife and I were thrust into the roles of coordinators for the field day, our first decision was to be Christ-oriented, not "winner"-oriented. Although initially concerned, participants were impressed that we centered on the Lord Jesus and his sacrificial gift. After we hosted our field day, we received requests from parents and churches for instructions for the events. It can easily be modified to meet your situation.

That decided, we got down to the business of event planning. We had several problems. Our biggest was planning activities appropriate for a diverse age group. (We had 104 youth ranging from 1 to 18 years old!) We wanted it to be a family-oriented activity, which means we had to effectively incorporate young children. Younger children require more supervision, less-structured events, and more variety than older children.

We also wanted events that would not favor one gender. Where unavoidable, we created gender specific categories. For organizational purposes, we wanted as few groups, of approximately the same size, as possible. Lastly, as everyone was encouraged to invite their friends to join us, not everyone would know each other. (The biggest asset was we knew we could count on assistance from parents. Volunteers, coordinated in advance, were identified with a ribbon on their nametags.)

Our solution was to create a "round robin" event. A round robin is several events run simultaneously and through which all participants rotate at set intervals. Here are the events, groups (and subgroups) and the timetable we selected:

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