In the process, some teenagers are going that next step … becoming involved as a solitary practice. Some even go further to joint covenants and become more of the mainstream movement because they find relationships which they didn't have, and they were seeking. They find what they see as a purpose for their life and a destiny. 

They also see a spiritual power that they did not have in the past, and they did not see in Christianity. Unfortunately as Christians, we do not [always] show the real power that we have in the Spirit of God.   

CW:  You mention Harry Potter - a concern for many parents. 

DB:  You have to be careful with Harry Potter, because we can't blame all the problems on J. K. Rowling and the effect that she has had. [But] she writes stories about witchcraft targeted toward children. That is the concern. If you are 8 to 12 years old, and you read a story that is fascinating about aspects of witchcraft, you want to know more. So, I don't recommend [Harry Potter] for children, necessarily.

CW:  So, what are some signs parents can look out for that their teen might be involved in Wicca, and how can they steer their kids back to Christ?   

DB:  Certainly, you are the adult here as the parent. That is first and foremost. So, you help control what your child is exposed to, whether it is films or online viewing or beyond.   

The second thing: You have to have a trusting relationship with your child. Because when they come into this stage of life, when they are questioning their beliefs, they are looking at alternative ideas. They are going to ask someone questions about that. You want that person to be you, as the parent, versus someone online or a friend at school who may be involved in Wicca or witchcraft of some form.   

Beyond that, there are some signs you can be looking for --

If they are keeping some kind of secret diary they are not willing to share. Sometimes that has nothing to do with witchcraft, but [can be] one indicator because the Book of Shadows is a very common practice. Another thing is if they spend an inordinate amount of time online [googling] witchcraft and … sites, such as or the We have used those for our research but they can have a very harmful influence on a teenager or young person.   

If you see these kinds of warning signs, there are things you can do. There is a ministry called Covenant Eyes (, and they originally started as a group for parents to filter what their children view online in terms of pornography and sexual content. They also have resources to do the same thing for viewing occult type of materials. 

Then, in your churches, you have to talk about the subject. A Barna study on the supernatural showed that fewer than 20% of teenagers are exposed to any kind of teaching involving the paranormal. So, we have to at least address it, not be afraid of it, because if we do believe Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, the power that we have in us is greater than the power of the world.   

CW:  There's a lot of good information in Generation Hex, and I know we haven't covered it all here. Is there anything else you'd like to share with readers before wrapping up?

MA:  Sure, I just wanted to share about our approach. There are many books out there that just say, "Witchcraft is wrong, and her is why. The Bible says, ‘You are going to hell.'"  We didn't want to take that approach. We wanted to be able to talk with real Wiccans and create an open door rather than a closed door. We found that many of these people have been very hurt and persecuted by non-Christens and by Christians, and that really is heartbreaking because we are called to share the Gospel with every person.