God loves these people, and he is drawing them to himself. I am not afraid to share [the Gospel] with a Buddhist, why would I be afraid to share with a Wiccan?   

DB:  In one of the chapters in the book we talk about how studying Wicca has strengthened our faith in Christ. It seems like such a paradox when you put it that way, but what we mean by that is as we studied Wicca, we saw time and time again people we interviewed who were very open about their faith in paganism and the god and the goddess that they worship. We thought, How many Christians are really that open about their faith, who aren't afraid to share about what they believe?    

It was a wake-up call to me -- to see other people who believe something strongly [who] are willing to stand up for it. As Christians, we should not fear doing the same thing, not be ashamed of the Gospel, but do as the apostle Paul said -- to speak the truth in love. (Ephesians 4:15)  We have a message that is exclusive, that is tough, that stands for Jesus only, but at the same time we have to communicate that in the context of love. It will make a difference in the lives around us. 


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