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Intersection of Life and Faith

Lisa Whelchel's Private Chat

  • 2002 23 Jan
Lisa Whelchel's Private Chat
Fritzpw_Admin says, Hello everyone!
Fritzpw_Admin says, I am so glad you could join us tonight for our chat with Lisa Whelchel.
Fritzpw_Admin says, Lisa, thanks for coming tonight. Update us where you are in your trek across the United States?
Lisa_Whelchel says, We've been spending the last month in Texas with family in Ft. Worth and E. Texas and the rest of the time seeing family and friends in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and the Southern tip of Texas! It makes me even prouder to be a Texan than I was before!
guest3028 asks, Hi Lisa will you be continuing your journal upon returning home?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I do plan to continue the journal probably once a week at that point.
guest3077 asks, When will your devotional CD's be out? How are they coming along?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I don't know exactly when they will be coming out. Uhmmm... I'm trying to think... Possibly the Fall of this year. But Tyndale is very excited and we will probably be doing more than we originally planned because the demos turned out so well!
guest3073 asks, Are you still homeschooling?
Lisa_Whelchel says, Absolutely! This is probably one of our best homeschool years yet! Believe it or not, they are making more progress in Math and Language Arts than I has expected... And then of course, the hands on learning of History and Science is just part of the trip.
nanageek asks, What curriculum do you use for home schooling?
Lisa_Whelchel says, It has changed every year since the beginning. This year we are Kumon Math and Daily Grams for Language Arts,. They also write post cards and I have a notebook of the states we've visited with reports and pictures of the things they've learned. I'm really excited about next year when we return home. I have entered into a partnership with Alpha Omega for the children to do their home schooling online. This is especially comforting to me, since Tucker is entering Jr High and Haven is fast on his trail... Especially in Math!
guest3079 asks, What made you decide to homeschool? Was it only because of Tucker or were there other reasons? I'd like to homeschool and was just curious as to what the deciding factor was for you to homeschool.
Lisa_Whelchel says, The original factor was financial. I had always assumed that I would put them in a private Christian school. By the time I had three kids ready to enter school, we were living on my husband's single salary and the funds weren't available. Although there are some terrific public schools in Los Angeles, there are also many that I would be afraid to send my kids to. Home schooling was really the only option left that made sense. Once we got into it, we discovered that it was a perfect fit for our family. I don't believe that home schooling is the right choice for EVERY family, but it works great for OUR family! I have the temperament for it and my kids enjoy it. It's beneficial for each of them for different reasons. For Tucker, obviously, it's easier for him than having to sit still all day in a class of 30 doing busywork. It affords Haven the opportunity to move ahead in the areas where she excels. Clancy is a "momma's girl"... It affords her the security of being close to me before she is ready to be sent out into the sometimes-cruel world.
guest3079 asks, I recently read your book creative correction, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't see much about the younger children and was curious how you dealt with the one year old age group. I have a wonderful one-year-old daughter who tends to bite whenever she is angry, although sometimes she does throw things and also pinch. I think it depends on which will get her point across. Do you have any advice?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I could get into trouble for this... But a quick swat on the hand was pretty effective when our kids were toddlers. They understood immediately what I was trying to say... Even when I couldn't communicate with words. They also understood the forgiving "hug" that always followed.
guest3076 asks, Lisa- I was wondering if you would ever write a book about your experience on the show "The Facts of Life". The show has had a major impact on many people, younger and older, and it would be nice to see what you learned and experienced on the show.
Lisa_Whelchel says, It would have to be a very short book because I have a very short memory! Unfortunately, I remember very few specific memories from my time of the Facts of Life. It was more of an overall sense of fun and good times. Maybe that's why I'm such a big believer in scrap booking! In case one of my kids have inherited my "less than stellar" memory.

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guest3091 asks, What is your favorite moment from filming the other FOL Movies?
Lisa_Whelchel says, My favorite moment from the other Facts of Life movie (from Australia and Paris) were the memories "off camera" that were made with my grandmother and my aunt Madeline. I've always loved traveling with them and my mother and we still talk about those times in Australia and Paris.
Lisa_Whelchel smiles
lexi asks, Do you think there's any chance of a second Facts of Life Reunion movie?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I don't know... Perhaps... There aren't any in the works... But ya never know!
dannieb asks, How do people usually react when they meet you? Are they too excited to speak, talk your ear off etc... and what is the most memorable fan you have met?
Lisa_Whelchel says, Fans are usually very respectful, polite, and simply ask for an autograph or picture with me. They usually say something kind or ask a question then they usually leave me alone. I have been known to shock a fan that may be staring at me for a long period of time from across the restaurant by nonchalantly stick French fries up my nose .. Orrrrrr... Let peas dribble out of my mouth!
Lisa_Whelchel . O O ( will they stop staring?! )
Lisa_Whelchel says, my kids of course LOVE that!
karly12 asks, What was your favorite part of filming the Facts of Life Reunion Movie?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I guess just the feeling of being able to exercise my gift again. It would be like a painter who loves to paint without the outlet to paint for 10 years. It's hard to "act" if you don't have a production in which to act. It felt good to create again.
guest3087 asks, Who, out of all the girls from FOL, was the most likely to play pranks? And who had the most bloopers?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I was definitely the one most likely to play pranks. George Clooney was a close second only because he was on the show 2 years and I was on the show 9! We all had our fair share of bloopers!
guest3064 asks, I have been wondering this for a very long time. On one of the episodes of the facts of life, the one where Blair's hair turns green, Blair told someone at the hair salon that her hair color was Scandinavian sunset number 3. Is this a real hair color and if so is it what you use?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I don't know if it's a real hair color but I use Clairol Hazy Mist #34 and my husband, Steve, does my roots for me every month!
guest3028 asks, I was wondering, What was it like working with Charlotte Rae? Did she give you, Nancy, Mindy, and Kim advice off the set?
Lisa_Whelchel says, It was wonderful working with Charlotte! She wasn't the "mother figure" to us off the set like she was on the screen. We were more like peers although, of course, she had many more years of experience on us. At that time, we were all teenagers and of course, we thought we knew more than her anyway. I'm sure I could learn a lot more from her now that I understand what a gift it was and a privilege to work with her.
guest3103 asks, Do you have a least favorite episode of "The Facts of Life?"
Lisa_Whelchel says, That's a good question... Hmmmm... Probably any episode during seasons 2-4 when I had big hair and big "everything else"! It's embarrassing to go back and relive puberty.
guest3191 asks, Did you Nancy, Mindy, and Kim act like best friends off the set like you did on?
Lisa_Whelchel says, We did during the workday but we didn't always hang out together after work, although Nancy and I did live together for a while. Mindy's sister, Pam, was also a roommate of mine for a while. Of course, Geri Jewell who played Cousin Geri was also a roommate for a while.
guest3149 asks, Are any of the FOL girls, including you, going to have TV appearances soon?
Lisa_Whelchel says, not that I know of... Other than Nancy's show on Life time channel, which is still airing and very popular, I hear.
blairandjorock asks, Who would you to consider to be your best friend from FOL?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I'm closest to Nancy McKeon. But now that she's working on an hour film series, she goes to work before dawn and comes home 14 hours later, we haven't been able to see each other very often. Especially in the last couple of years.
guest3056 asks, What do your kids think of you when they see you on the reruns? Do you and your family sit down and watch them when they are on? Do you ever think oh, I wish I would have acted that way differently or do you ever criticize yourself, even though it is in the past?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I don't often sit down and watch the shows. Not for any particular reason other than I don't have time for much TV in general... With the exception of Survivor! The kids love to watch them, although they usually watch the videos that I have taped. They do give me a hard time about some of my hairdos, hair colors and wardrobe. They call me on the carpet if Blair gets away with acting a "certain way" that I would never let THEM get away with.
Fritzpw_Admin says, Were you glad to see Ethan win Survivor III? Who did you think would be the winner at the merge?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I was glad to see Ethan win, although I can't say that I was particularly attached to any one Survivor this time around. I thought that Tom was going to win at the merge.
Fritzpw_Admin says, Tom was a real good ole boy but I sure wouldn't have picked him.
Lisa_Whelchel says, My second prediction was elderly Kim. (My mother hates it when I call her that and that's why I DO it!)
Fritzpw_Admin had picked Theresa at the merge.
Lisa_Whelchel says, My heart still belongs to Colby.
Fritzpw_Admin says, Would you apply to play on Survivor?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I've actually given this a lot of thought. I would have to say no... I would love the experience. My daughter, Clancy, wrote a letter to Mark Burnett asking if she could be on a children's version of Survivor but could they please make it TWO weeks in length instead of 6!
guest3198 asks, How long have you been a Survivor fan?
Lisa_Whelchel says, from the very first episode the very first season! Gretchen was robbed!
Fritzpw_Admin says, What would be your luxury item?
Lisa_Whelchel says, My luxury item would definitely be my Bible because then I would finally have the luxury of time to read it as much as I would like to. Although I'm sure that bringing my Bible would not be the smart move if I was playing the game at all costs. But then again, isn't it that the way it is in real life as well??
guest3167 asks, it seems that today’s sitcoms (like friends, etc) don’t have the clean fun that FOL had. Any comments??? and is that one of the reasons you haven’t returned regularly to the small screen
Lisa_Whelchel says, That isn't one of the reasons. The reason is because I want to stay home with my kids. ON the other hand, given the state of TV, I might not be able to get a job anyway even if I wanted to. But isn't it wonderful that about the time network TV went downhill Nick at Night and TV land came on the scene? (or the screen . . .)
guest3095 asks, Your family has already been through so many states. Has there been a favorite?
Lisa_Whelchel says, Yes, Oregon has been our favorite state overall. It's a "given" that Texas is our all time favorite, but besides Texas, we loved the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Oregon. We went fly fishing, running a river, cooking our own trout over a campfire, and hiking. We thoroughly enjoyed out time with friends from my publisher, Multnomah.
Fritzpw_Admin says, How did you come up with your kids’ names?
Lisa_Whelchel says, Tucker, I just liked the sound of it. His middle name is Stevenson, which means "Steven's son." Haven was a name that I've had since I was a young woman and taught a little girl in Sunday School with that name. I knew if I ever had a daughter, I'd name her Haven. Her middle name is Hill after my grandmother's maiden name. I was afraid that Haven Hill sounded like a mortuary, so we added Katherine, which is Steve's mother's middle name. So . .Haven has two middle names... Haven Katherine Hill . I saw Clancy's name on an incubator when Haven was in the neonatal intensive care unit at birth. The sign read, "baby Clancy", and I thought, "OH what a cute name!" (Not realizing that "Clancy" was the last name.) Steve liked it too, but neither one of us realized until later that I was thinking of it as a potential boy's name and he was thinking of it as a potential girl's name! If Clancy had been a boy, we were going to name him Cassidy. I'm so thankful that I got another girl! Steve's choice for a girl's name won out. Her middle name is Elizabeth. That is where my name, Lisa comes from. She's saving up her money because she wants to change the spelling of it to be Elisabeth so that it's more apparent to everyone that she's named after me.
Fritzpw_Admin says, Hey everyone! Don't forget to check out Lisa's website at http://lisawhelchel.com
guest3125 asks, It is refreshing to see someone who has his or her priorities in order. Was it a difficult transition for you from acting to motherhood?
Lisa_Whelchel says, It was a surprisingly easy transition. Even though my years on the Facts of Life were wonderful, I went from a great job to an even better one when I became a wife and mother.
laurenc asks, Did you ever want to have more kids?
Lisa_Whelchel says, Absolutely! We had three children three years in a row and have not done anything differently. And yet have been unable to get pregnant. I always wanted at least four children. Now that there's such a gap, if the Lord did choose to open my womb again and bless us with a fourth child I'd want another one right away so they would have someone to play with.
guest3103 asks, How has September 11th changed your life and perspective?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I hope this doesn't sound insensitive... But it hasn't changed out life much. We weren't affected directly by it, and other than grieving for those who have lost loved ones, we haven't felt it as acutely. Possibly because of this road trip this year. (Although Steve is a CNN addict.) I haven't noticed that it has effected the children much either. Haven wrote a letter to the President on the evening of Sept 11th. Clancy wrote a letter to the Red Cross a week later. Perhaps that was their way of reaching out. I think because their little world is safe with us, they haven't felt any fear. They've each even traveled alone on an airplane to go home and visit friends and grandmother since Sept 11th.
buffy78 asks, Lisa, I love ya! I grew up watching you on FOL, as so many others have and I remember so many episodes still. But I was just wondering, since you homeschool your children, what opportunities do they have to interact with other children besides their siblings to give them those interpersonal experiences they will need to be successful in society?
Lisa_Whelchel says, We actually have more trouble limiting their socialization because otherwise they would be gone to lessons, or Little League, or off playing with friends all the time! Especially this year on the road, they have to have pretty exceptional socialization skills because they are meeting and interacting with new groups of people both children and adults, on a daily basis. Thankfully , my kids' personalities lend themselves to being naturally social.
baby_girl5887 asks, I heard that you produced an album in the 80's, and that it was nominated for an award, is this true? And if so, do you still sing?
Lisa_Whelchel says, it is true. I recorded an album entitled "All Because of You." It was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Inspiration category. You can actually hear the songs from the album on my website but the album is no long available to purchase. For one thing, very few people have a turntable anymore! I don't sing anymore except my own private worship time and in church.
guest3149 asks, In the Album ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, did you write those lyrics?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I wrote the lyrics for the title song. For the rest of the songs, I met with songwriters and expressed to them the message I wanted to sing about. They wrote the words to express my heart.
guest3103 asks, Do you play any sports?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I love to play racquetball. That's been quite a while since I've had a chance to play. I like to watch the Dallas Cowboys, although it's not quite as fun now that Troy Aikman is gone.
Lisa_Whelchel sighs
guest3082 asks, Do you have any home organization tips?
Lisa_Whelchel says, If at all possible even if means sacrificing other things, I would recommend getting on your knees and praying for a weekly housekeeper! It makes all the difference in the world to be able to give more as a wife and mother if someone else can come in once a week and do the KP duty, dusting, and vacuuming.
guest3083 asks, I enjoyed reading "Facts of Life and other lessons..." a lot. I'm wondering, from the "bad years" that you described of your marriage, what was the biggest factor in turning that around? Any advice for others who desperately want to turn it around?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I would say the point in time when I chose to focus on the positive things my husband brought to the marriage rather than the things I felt like he wasn't offering. And then the decision to thank him for each of those things whenever I recognized them. It helped me see the good things and it helped him feel appreciated. At the same time, lowering my expectations from what Steve could bring to me and offer me to realizing that the Lord would provide anything of importance that I needed even if Steve couldn't. That helped me to think less about myself and more about him. That's probably the secret to any relationship!
Fritzpw_Admin says, Thank you so much for joining us tonight, Lisa. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?
Lisa_Whelchel says, Thank you all for giving up your evening to be with me! I'm always nervous about whether anyone will show up. I appreciate you encouraging me by your attendance. I've been tossing around the idea of having Steve and the kids join me next time. I will talk that over with Crosswalk.com and if that sounds fun to you then I hope you can join us the next time if we can put that together! In the meantime, you're welcome to join me every morning in the Coffee Talk section of my website, http://lisawhelchel.com, as we continue to live the Family Dream and travel across America!
Lisa_Whelchel says, Let's all type in a great big thank you to Yadah_host, clare_host, gehost and applehost . .and of course, the head admin... .Fritzpw!
Lisa_Whelchel says, This is the smoothest chat I've ever experienced!
Fritzpw_Admin waves at everyone.
Fritzpw_Admin says, Have a great night everyone.
Fritzpw_Admin says, Don't forget our Chat with Cal Thomas on Jan. 31