Intersection of Life and Faith

  • Eric Hogue Radio Talk Host and Syndicated Columnist
  • 2005 28 Mar

California needs to be prepared for the return of the "Assisted Suicide Legislation" coming to the Capitol later this month.

As we have watched and debated the Terri Schiavo case in Florida, we read today that many a Democrat is running to get infront of this story by encouraging 'end of life legislation' in Washington DC, we need to be prepared for these liberal extremes in Sacramento.

Republican State Senator John Campbell writes:


The news last week and this week has been consumed with the Terry Schiavo case taking place in Florida. The California legislature will soon be grappling with a similar issue as the year continues. Assemblyman Levine (D-Van Nuys) & Assemblywoman Berg (D-Eureka) have introduced a bill (AB 654) which would allow physician-assisted suicide in California for someone who is terminally ill and is diagnosed to have less than 6 months to live. This law would mirror a voter-approved initiative in 1997 which basically placed doctors in the business of killing their patients.


The only case in which society allows us to kill someone now (other than in self defense or in times of war) is through the death penalty. As one can see from the low number of executions here in California, there are extensive and multiple judicial reviews before a death penalty can be carried out. (In fact, Scott Peterson may outlive us all.) I wonder, will executions under an "assisted suicide" law undergo the same scrutiny? Who's to say that the terminal diagnosis is correct? That a new cure is not developed? That the mental state of the decision-maker is sound? That the person's condition has not been trumped up by a greedy heir or someone else who stands to benefit from the death? Furthermore, is it wise to have a societal culture that assists and hastens death?


We'll make sure you are prepared for this redundant healthcare struggle under the Downtown Dome when this piece of political "quality of life" grabbing for the cause of Universal (socialized) Health Care takes center stage at the Capitol.