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  • Eric Hogue Radio Talk Host and Syndicated Columnist
  • 2006 13 Feb

I've received numerous emails about Move America Forward sponsoring a Saturday afternoon two-hour block of programming on KTKZ. If you read my blog you know that I have had 'numerous' ethical and tactical concerns surrounding MAF and their fund raising stunts and promotions.

If MAF purchases time on KTKZ and upholds their end of the contract, I have no problem with the relationship. As far as my show, I will not be personally endorsing MAF or any of their fund raising stunts!

Earlier in the "Hogue Blog" I mentioned my concern that MAF was collecting donations in the name of our Troops, and then funneling (either directly or indirectly) to their co-founder and chairman Howard Kaloogian.

You should read my earlier posts and commentary here:

MAF and Kaloogian Dupe Supporters

Mission Accomplished by MAF with Emails

Today I received an email from one of Howard Kaloogian's opponents in the 50th Congressional race that Kaloogian has decided to enter (announced while he was in Iraq with a MAF promotion last year), to replace the scandalous "Duke" Cunningham. The missive is a "mass email" from Move America Forward's Chairwoman, Melanie Morgan...on MAF letterhead (the banner headline is the exact banner that is used on the MAF site for Morgan), sent by using MAF's email list (compiled through non-profit fund raising with MAF), and the content is an actual endorsement and pitch to send money to Howard Kaloogian's congressional race.

While Melanie can endorse anyone she desires, by any means she desires - it is unethical that she uses a MAF Email List to send her communication. The people who received her email are being lead to believe that MAF has endorsed Howard. In a using MAF emails that were colected by promoting rallies, stunts and pro-military campaigns...MAF is using "non-profit" means to support Howard Kaloogian in his congressional race.

If this email missive is authentic...this proves my point...that MAF operates these stunts, stirs patriotic heart strings by using our military as cover, then creates numerous fund raising campaigns, uses the image, email and reputation of MAF to endorse and fund raise for Howard Kaloogian and other political objectives in California.

Here is Melanie Morgan's mass MAF Email missive...(I've added my comments in red)

A couple of week's ago I wrote to you about an urgent matter.  The extremist liberal group, has announced that they are targeting the 50th Congressional District race - the race where Move America Forward's founder, Howard Kaloogian is the conservative Republican candidate. 

It's no coincidence that they would be targeting Howard Kaloogian for defeat - after all he's done to support the men and women of the U.S. military and his advancement of conservative political causes.

The people behind represent some of the vilest individuals in this nation - and now they are targeting our friend, Howard Kaloogian. 

Here's a picture from their co-horts at an Oakland, California rally where they described themselves as "anti-Imperialists" and decided to burn the American flag.  These people view America as the source of many of the world's problems, and they openly sympathize with America's enemies.

You know how Howard Kaloogian and I feel about those who dishonor our troops - we've been the loudest voices in this country standing up to the likes of Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan. 

You can imagine how Howard and I feel when groups like support anti-war rallies that desecrate our troops, but where these protestors are nonetheless egged on by liberal Democrat politicians. 

So here we stand now - has announced they're in this race to defeat our friend and conservative leader, Howard Kaloogian.  The question I am asking you is this:  will we meet their challenge and win?

The liberal Democrat candidate, Francine Busby, will soon be approaching $600,000 in total fundraising.  By comparison, Howard Kaloogian has raised a little more than $250,000.  [The Democrat candidate has been fundraising for over 1 year while Howard just entered the race late last year.]

While I am writing this letter to you about my personal friend of mine, Howard Kaloogian, (and not in my official capacity as the person who co-founded Move America Forward with Howard) (notice how she has to attempt to clarify again...she knows this is shady folks.) that doesn't change the fact that we need to take action.

It's time for us to dig deep and narrow this gap.  I have made my own personal contribution of $500.00 to Howard's campaign.  I am asking as many of you who can match me to do the same or double that - with a $1,000 contribution. (Here she is, representing MAF as close as she can, trying to encourage MAF Emailers to contribute to Kaloogian's war chest.)  The law allows an individual to contribute up to $4,200 per individual (for the Special Election and the Primary Election) and $8,400 per married couple.

Maybe you can only afford $50, $100 or $250.  Or maybe you can only afford $5 or $15.  The point is we can all contribute at our own levels - but we must contribute now, or else wins and we lose.

You can contribute online here:

I can't stress enough the importance that we win this election.  Not only will we have elected someone who passionately fights for our shared values...

... but on the flip side, if we lose this race, then we've allowed to win the battle for the hearts and minds of Americans.

Don't Let These People Win - Join Me and Fight Back

By Supporting Howard Kaloogian for

The news media will trumpet their victory - and our defeat - endlessly.

We can't let that happen.

I know many of you reading this have already contributed to Howard's campaign.

But, think about it - if EVERY person reading this email contributed $50, $100 or $250 - Howard would surpass the Democrat candidate in fundraising overnight!

If you can only afford a contribution of $15 or $30 it will still be a big help!

And, to those of you out there who have the financial means to contribute $500, $1000 or $2,100 - please recognize how very much we need your support right now!

Contributions can be made online - right now - here:


     Kaloogian For Congress
 P.O. Box 1497
     Sacramento, CA 95812

Thank you so very much.  If you or your friends need more information on Howard's campaign, you can always learn more at his website:

Sincerely Yours,

Melanie Morgan
*Chairman, Move
 America Forward

[*Titles for information purposes only.]

This e-mail communication paid for and authorized by Howard Kaloogian for U.S. Congress campaign. (Say what you want, this was sent by using the MAF's Email Address list...that is non-profit material used to support a politician!)