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Hillsong-Let Hope Rise Trailer Features Faith, Family, and Music

  • Ryan Duncan blogspot for and Ryan Duncan, Entertainment and Culture editor
  • 2015 Mar 25

There are few names in Christian music more revered than Australian, megachurch band, Hillsong. Hymns like “Oceans”, “Hosanna”, and “Mighty to Save” have inspired hundreds of Christians from all walks of life. Hillsong concerts are routinely flooded with audiences hungry for a new, authentic worship experience. In 2013, the bands third studio album was ranked #1 on Christian music charts in Australia, the U.S., and the U.K. Yet, despite all this praise and popularity, the members of Hillsong have always sought to do only one thing with their music: glorify God.

Now Hillsong is taking their ministry to a brand new stage. According to the ChristianPost, an upcoming documentary called Hillsong-Let Hope Rise will chronicle the bands journey, from humble beginnings to worldwide sensation, as they seek to spread the gospel through their music. Benge Nsenduluka writes,

“Australian megachurch Hillsong will soon premiere its first-ever film about its church band, Hillsong United, and a new 2:14-minute trailer offers a glimpse into what looks set to be an uplifting story of love, faith, struggle and perseverance. The highly anticipated film chronicles the journey of the Australian worship band, which began in 1998 as a pastime for youth at church and has since grown into a global sensation.” Hillsong Movie Trailer from crosswalktrailers on GodTube.

The film’s trailer highlights the musician’s individual struggles as they seek to keep faith during challenging times. One band member briefly speaks about his infant son, who was born with serious medical issues, while worship leader Tanya Smith shares a piece of her emotional testimony.

"’Music has always been something that connects me to God straight away and I realize, who am I to, like, lead these people?” she asks during a clip, “I'm just a country girl”.

Christian movies have seen growing popularity since 2014, with films like God’s Not Dead, Calvary, and most recently Do You Believe, all receiving positive reviews. From what the trailer shows, Hillsong – Let Hope Rise seeks to be a new kind of Christian film. There’s no pretense, no hidden agenda, only the honest story of a rag-tag group of Christians, and the powerful love of Jesus Christ. The film, which is set to release May 29th of this year, will no doubt feature some powerful music and gripping stories of faith in the face of adversity, but as Hillsong band member Joel Houston puts it,

“’The only thing that matters about our story is that everything that we do represents the heart of God.”’

It's hard to argue with a statment like that.  

*Published 3/25/2016