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Spain Caves in on Gay Marriage

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  • 2004 Oct 01

Spain is on the brink of approving gay marriage. The Cabinet has passed a bill allowing homosexuals to marry and adopt children. After the expected parliamentary approval, the bill could become law as early as next year. Spain would become the third European nation to legalize gay marriage, following Holland and Belgium. The Roman Catholic Church staunchly opposes the move toward gay marriage, saying it would be like releasing a "virus" into Spanish society..

A friend who lives in Spain offers this analysis:

Here in Spain this event is being hailed by the current government (socialist) and the media as a major, historical breakthrough for human rights.  However I see this as the first step toward a more sinister scenario:

 Some day in the not-too-distant future the following people will share a prison cell:

    - An evangelical pastor
    - A Jewish Rabbi
    - A Catholic Priest
    - A Moslem Imam


Because they all refused to officiate a same-sex marriage, communion, rite of passage, or they refused to employ same-sex marriage partners.  They just refused. This will become a hate crime punishable by fines and/or imprisonment (and has already happened in Sweden - a protestant pastor was jailed for preaching, verse by verse, Romans chapter 1).  Same-sex partners will now become part and parcel of our social fabric here in Spain.  What will this mean in the classroom and among children?  Concepts of the family?   Let us imagine a same-sex partner who is aggressive and hostile and then becomes the president of Spain, or a major judge in the judiciary system.  Are we Christians ready for the consequences?

I do not doubt that my friend is right. Several months ago, a pastor in Canada said virtually the same thing to me. When I asked if he could envision evangelical pastors going to jail for preaching against homosexuality, he replied, "Of course." Then he added, "What starts in Canada will come to the US sooner or later." He went to say that my current sermon series on "God Speaks Today" would probably get me arrested if I preached it in Canada once the anti-hate-crimes bill becomes law.

Romans 1 is coming true right before our eyes. My friend in Spain ended his note with these sobering words: "The spirit of delusion is upon us."

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