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Q and A

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An example of some recent Q and A on sexuality that you might find interesting:


Question: "You implicitly lump a lot of sexual choices into one big category.  This is disingenuous at best and fear mongering at worst.  Some actions harm others and some don't. Some sex is predatory and some isn't.  Some sexual behavior is sin.  Some is not. This is a major distinction.  Your rhetoric is not Christlike nor is it of love and grace."


My Answer:  You are attempting to draw a distinction between a sexual sin that "harms others" and a sexual sin that doesn't.  I am not sure I can agree with your epistemology or ontology on this one and I also have to question your understanding, not only of Scripture, but of common sense.  Elementary logic makes it clear that sex not only involves your own body but also another's and therefore all sexual sin "harms others."  Your claim that there is a "major distinction" in behaviors that history, reason, tradition, experience, as well as scripture, all tell us are unhealthy seems to fall a bit short in my view.    


I also disagree with your point that one sin is potentially less predatory than another.  Anything that is selfish is by definition predatory and ALL sin that seeks to use another person for one's own satisfaction "preys" on another for the sake of the self.


Finally, why is it "un-Christlike" to point out that it is harmful to compromise your health? Remaining silent while others hurt themselves does not seem all that loving to me.  To the contrary, such silence merely enables people to continue living lives that are harmful to themselves, their families, and their culture.  There are consequences to all ideas and the consequences of libertine sexuality are quite obvious and quite ugly.