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Who Cares About Race...


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This past week, my son sent me a YouTube clip produced by one of his classmates at his university in CA. The video is a short documentary by a young woman who finds her college objectionable basically for one reason and one reason alone: it’s racial identity.


Now why do we sit back and accept this kind of obvious self-centeredness so willingly?  Why don’t we ask more questions?


For example,

  • Why don’t we point out that it is incredibly narcissistic for anyone to belittle others and elevate themselves through the use of racial stereotypes and social categories?
  • Why don’t we speak up and say that it’s impossible to critique other groups in racial terms without implicitly sending a message of intolerance and personal superiority - a message that shouts:  “It's all about me! I’m a better person! We are better people! Mine is a better race! I’m from a better culture! 
  • Why are we too intimidated to point out the sad irony that MLK’s message has been coopted by people defending political agendas not because of the content of their character but because of the color of their skin?


You see identity politics is always thoughtless, self-serving and, yes, racist.  If there is nothing you believe in more than your “group” and its "identity” and if there’re no ideals higher than physical appearance and race then tolerance is one of the last labels you get to wear.   


Frankly, who cares about the racial makeup of your campus or your company or your church? The body of Christ isn't about keeping score on "identity".  It’s about all parts of the body becoming increasingly unaware of themselves and more and more aware of the head, which is Christ Jesus.