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Author Offers Principles, Practical Applications for Dads

  • 2006 17 Jun
Author Offers Principles, Practical Applications for Dads

Author:  Bryan Davis
Title:  "The Image of a Father"
Publisher:  AMG

The foreword to "The Image of a Father" cites the sobering fact that in recent decades, the critical role of the father in a family has been radically diminished by popular culture. This trend even extended to the Church, with many objecting to calling God a father.

Author Bryan Davis relates personal experiences in rearing his seven children, now ages 8 to 23. One anecdote recounts the time when a young daughter asked him, "What does God look like?" In their ensuing dialogue, Davis realized that it was up to him to show her what God is like.

Regarding sons, Davis admonishes men, "Show him how to be strong, openly display your passion for protecting your family, and above all, let him see how much you love your wife. In other words, show him biblical manliness, the masculine side of God our Father."

Davis, who also writes young adult fiction, is a master storyteller. That quality comes in handy as he infuses humor, practical application and occasional emotion into this very reader-friendly volume for dads. He lays out tried-and-true principles to help fathers do their job better. Through 12 chapters he deals with 12 roles of a father – provider, teacher, comforter, guide, and peacemaker among them.

Because he's been there – and is still there – Davis' words bear the clear mark of authenticity.

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