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Colson's New Book Offers Seekers Secrets of 'The Good Life'

  • 2005 4 Aug
Colson's New Book Offers Seekers Secrets of 'The Good Life'

The founder of Prison Fellowship, the largest international Christian ministry to prisoners and their families, says a person's worldview is what determines what they will become in life and how much genuine satisfaction they will experience.

In his new book, "The Good Life: Seeking Purpose, Meaning and Truth in Your Life" (Tyndale House, 2005), author Chuck Colson uses episodes from his own life and from the lives of others to point people to Jesus. In the book, he proffers Christ as the source of a truly satisfying life.

"The Good Life" was written primarily for seekers, Colson explains, because he believes "you can see there is a truth to be found; and where it eventually leads, when you look at how all the great philosophies and religious systems work out, is to the biblical view of life – the only one that makes sense."

In the next to the last chapter of the book, Colson offers a vivid illustration of his passion for apologetics. "I say in the book," he notes, "if I were practicing law today – every lawyer's dream [is] to argue a great case in the Supreme Court – I would love to argue the case that the biblical worldview is true."

The Prison Fellowship founder says he thinks he could win that case for a biblical worldview "over any challenge, because clearly it's the only one that is rational, that makes sense ... that's livable." And at the same time, he contends, the life led according to that worldview is the only one that leads to personal fulfillment.

For instance, Colson points out, the Bible teaches that a satisfying life is not found in material possessions, but only in truly following Christ. As one makes the effort to imitate the Savior's selfless example, the author says one finds helping others is what leads to true satisfaction in life.

"You don't find it through the things of this world," Colson asserts. "You find it, basically, when you give yourself away. What I've discovered – and I make this point in the book -- is that for me, the most rewarding parts of my life are the people I've been able to help along the way."

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